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  1. Sarcoplasm
  2. Propagate
  3. Postsynaptic membrane or motor end-plate
  4. Effects of aging on skeletal muscle
  5. Skeletal muscle structure
  1. a muscle plasma membrane in the area of the junction
  2. b Reduced muscle mass, increased time for muscle to contract in response to nervous stimuli, Reduced stamina, increased recovery time, loss of muscle fibers, decreased density of capillaries in muscle
  3. c cytoplasm without the myofibrils inside sarcolemma
  4. d Spread from one location to another
  5. e Muscle fibers or cells- Develop from myoblasts, numbers remain constant, just increase in size
    Connective tissue surrounds muscle and extends beyond to become tendons to connect it to bones or dermis of skin
    Nerve and blood vessels abundant

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  1. Attached to bones
    About 40% of the body weight
    Nuclei multiple and peripherally located
    Striated, Voluntary and involuntary (reflexes)
  2. Muscle fibers partially relax between contraction
  3. Like camera flash system, either it reaches threshold and depolarizes or it doesn't.
  4. heads of myosin bind to active sites on actin molecules
  5. Constant tension by muscles for long periods of time - depends on a small percentage of motor units contracting out of phase with each other with no motor units contracting all the time

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  1. Ligand-gated ion channelsOpen in response to ligand molecules binding to receptor proteins or glycoproteins. Ex: neurotransmitters


  2. Active tensionthe force applied to an object to be lifted when a muscle contracts


  3. Sarcomeresthe structural and functional unit of skeletal muscle that extends from one Z-disk to another


  4. Resting membrane potentialeach axon terminal


  5. Isometric contractionsChange in length but tension constant. Can be concentric, overcomes opposing resistance and muscle shortens or eccentric, tension maintained but muscle lengthens