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  1. Cross-bridges
  2. Passive tension
  3. Atrophy
  4. Resting membrane potential
  5. Sub-threshold stimulus
  1. a the tension applied to a load when a muscle is stretched but not stimulated
  2. b heads of myosin bind to active sites on actin molecules
  3. c not strong enough to cause an action potential in any of the axons in a nerve and causes no contraction
  4. d Decreases in muscle size
  5. e Membrane voltage difference across membranes (polarized)
    Inside cell more negative and more K+
    Outside cell more positive and more Na+
    Must exist for action potential to occur

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  1. the force applied to an object to be lifted when a muscle contracts
  2. Increases in muscle size
  3. cytoplasm without the myofibrils inside sarcolemma
  4. No change in length but tension increases (Postural muscles of body)
  5. least common, occurs in neuromuscular junction, due to lack of acetylcholine

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  1. Creatine phosphateExternal lamina


  2. Muscular fasciaGeneral term for the connective tissue sheets within the body


  3. Fatigue in musclesAttached to bones
    About 40% of the body weight
    Nuclei multiple and peripherally located
    Striated, Voluntary and involuntary (reflexes)


  4. Skeletal muscle structureMuscle fibers or cells- Develop from myoblasts, numbers remain constant, just increase in size
    Connective tissue surrounds muscle and extends beyond to become tendons to connect it to bones or dermis of skin
    Nerve and blood vessels abundant


  5. Muscle contractionsNo change in length but tension increases (Postural muscles of body)


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