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Tape Measure
Flexible to take body measurement, made of non-stretch material
Yard Stick
Measuring skirt hems and tasks requiring it.
Ball-Head Pins
Easy to pick up
Pin cushion
Provide a safe way to store pins
Sewing Scissors
Good for detail work
Ballpoint Pins
Prevent Snags
seam guage
measuring seam allowances on hems
T- pins
Works well on loosely woven, bulky and pile circles or squares
Dressmaker Shears
Most basic tool needed for sewing
Pinking Shears
Zig Zag edge
Embroidery Scissors
Used for cutting button holes and trimming embroidery threads
Seam Ripper
Removes unwanted stitches
Thread Clipper
Clipping thread ends
Rotary Cutter
makes straight clean cuts through multiple layers of fabric
Fabric Mark Pens
Notches darts and pile circles or squares
Tracing Wheel
Transfers marking from a pattern to the fabric
Tailors Chalk
Mark pattern symbols onto fabric
Hand Sewing Needles
Bring thread through fabric
Helps hold needles while pushing the needle through the fabric
Needle Threader
Aid in threading a needle
Pulls cord or elastic through casings
Loop Turner
Turns bias tubing and casings right side out
Press and steam fabrics
Press Cloth
prevents iron shine or glossy marking and scorching on certain fabrics
Tailors Ham
Darts and curved areas
Sleeve Board
Press narrow areas such as sleeves
Steam Roll
used for pressing long seams and small curved area

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