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How do you calculate proof

% x 2

Where are drinks mixed


What does up mean

chill, strain, cocktail/martini glass

What does neat mean

chill, strain, rocks glass





Blue Curacao




Grand Marnier


Which liqueur is always 80 proof

Grand Marnier





Sloe Gin


Southern Comfort

whiskey and peaches

Triple Sec



dash of dry vermouth, 2 oz gin, garnish with 3 olives


dash of dry vermouth, 2 oz gin, garnish with onion

Rob Roy

dash of sweet vermouth, 2 oz scotch, cherry

Perfect Manhattan

dash of dry vermouth, dash of sweet vermouth, 2 oz whiskey

Dirty Martini

dash of dry vermouth, 2 oz gin, bar spoon of olive juice

Desert Dry Martini

coat the glass with dry vermouth (throw away), 2 oz gin

Long Island Tea

.5 oz rum, .5 oz vodka, .5 oz gin, .5 oz tequila, .5 oz triple sec, sour mix top- shake- coke

Blue Motorcycle

.5 oz rum, .5 oz vodka, .5 oz gin, .5 oz tequila, .5 oz blue curacao, sour mix- shake- sprite

Pina Colada

1 oz rum, pineapple juice, colada mix or coco lopez


1 oz tequila, .5 oz triple sec, dash roses lime juice, sour mix, garnish with lime and salt

Sex on the Beach

.5 oz vodka, .5 oz peach schnapps, .5 oz midori, cranberry juice, pineapple juice

Rum Runner

.5 oz LT Rum, .5 oz banana, .5 oz grenadine, .5 oz blackberry brandy, sour mix- float .5 oz dark rum


.5 oz green de menthe, .5 oz cream cacao, 2 oz cream

What are the 2 ingredient found in desert drinks

cream and cream cacao

What is the standard oz measurements for liquors

.5 oz

Brandy Alexander

.5 oz brandy, .5 oz dark cream cacao, 2 oz cream

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