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Human Impact -Oceans


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unwanted marine creatures that are caught in the nets while fishing for another species
Fishing boats that pull large nets through the water that drag the sea floor catching everything that is too big to escape through the mesh of the nets.
a large fishing net with floats along the top edge and weights along the bottom-used to circle and capture schools of fish
long-line fishing
fishing by dragging extremely long lines with baited hooks spaced along their lengths
drift-net fishing
the use of fishing nets of great length and depth, curtain of death
capturing fish faster than they can reproduce
ghost fishing
nets lost at sea continue to capture and kill organisms
Great Pacific Garbage Patch
patches of floating trash the size of Texas located in the currents of the North Pacific gyre, mostly consisting of plastics
coral bleaching
A phenomenon in which algae inside corals die, causing the corals to turn white
ocean acidification
decreasing pH of ocean waters due to absorption of excess atmospheric CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels
Ocean noise pollution can ...
make it difficult for whales to hunt and communicate.
Increased ocean evaporation leads to ...
salinity increases.
As polar ice caps melt...
salinity decreases.
Ocean acidification can cause...
shells to dissolve.