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tube at the back of the throat


voice box or "Adam's Apple"


tiny air sacs in the lungs


large spongy masses of tissue and air sacs in which O2 and CO2 are exchanged


flap of skin at the top of the trachea which stops food from entering the lungs

bronchial tubes

2 tubes leading from trachea to each of the lungs


large muscle that moves the ribs


We do not have to think about breathing. Our body does it automatically. T/F


The air we breathe is made up entirely of oxygen. T/F


Lungs are sealed inside the ribs by a thin bag called the _________________.


One indicator of a healthy body is a large lung capacity. T/F

voice box or Adams Apple

The larynx is another name for the ___________________


Lungs are the only organ in the body light enough to float on water. T/F

CO2, O2

The amount of ________________ wastes in the blood determine how fast you breathe. You breathe faster to take in the extra _____________ that is needed.

warmed, filtered, moistened

Cold air is _______________ in the nasal passages, ________________ by the hairs and mucus in the linings, and ___________________ by the mucus on the way to the lungs.


We breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. T/F

alveoli, capillaries

Air sacs in the lungs are called the ________________. Tiny blood vessels, or __________________, take oxygen from the air sacs into the blood stream.


Yawning, coughing, sneezing and hiccuping are ______________actions

oxygen, contracts

When you inhale _______________, your diaphragm _________________.

cigarette smoke, coal dust, pollution

It's a well-documented fact that continuous exposure to ___________________ over a long period of time, damages the lungs

carbon dioxide, relaxes

When you exhale _______________, your diaphragm _________________


Inflammation of the lungs is called __________________

Plants give off O2 which humans inhale. Plants take in the CO2 that humans exhale.

Why do humans and plants have a good "working relationship"

oxygen in and carbon dioxide out

Explain the main function of the respiratory system


If you study, you can pass this test. T/F

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