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  1. Kansas/Nebraska Act 1854
  2. The 1st American to die for American independence was
  3. US House of Representatives
  4. What battles did American free blacks participate in
  5. Adventure
  1. a 20 Blacks elected from the south during Reconstruction.
  2. b Valley, Saratoga, Bunker hill, Yorktown
  3. c Crispus Attucks
  4. d quest for new, different, experiences outside the norm.
  5. e concept of Popular Sovereignty (will of the People decides slavery)

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  1. no designated religion by governments.
  2. True
  3. leads attack on Harper's Ferry to arm slaves and lead to freedom.
  4. Root or cheer for the person that is not supposed to win or succeed.
  5. True

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  1. John Wilkes Booth April 1865leads attack on Harper's Ferry to arm slaves and lead to freedom.


  2. Washington was able to defeat Cornwallis with the aid of "French Haitian Nationals" in the Battle of Yorktown in 1781 to end the military aspect of the American Revolutionary War.Lexington


  3. 13th Amendmentabolishes slavery in US


  4. The american revolution started with shots fired at-end the revolutionary War
    -America becomes a sovereign nation
    -America expands to the Mississippi River
    -American slaves who fought with the British were shipped to Jamaica.


  5. Protestability to express disagreement with authority.