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  1. Blanche K. Bruce
  2. American Dream
  3. Social mobility
  4. Reconstruction Period 1865-1876
  5. Militia
  1. a ??? Whatever you make it as.
  2. b ability to move up or down the social ladder.
  3. c 1st Black to be elected US senator (was from Mississippi)
  4. d Period of rebuilding US after Civil War
  5. e Defense of a particular community by members of that community.

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  1. True
  2. The ability to find a temporary solution to an immediate problem.
  3. southern Whites attempt to regain control of South through violence.
  4. Assassinates President Lincoln; Andrew Johnson becomes President.
  5. Americans go to CA in search of gold.

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  1. The Quarter Act was passed which forced americans to house, feed, and clean the clothes of the "tax collectors"False, Law passed by Parliament for Americans to house, feed, wash clothing of soldiers who were protesting tax collectors.


  2. Ft. Sumter April 1861Lee surrenders to Grant to end American Civil War


  3. Compromise of 1876ends Reconstruction Period; federal troops removed from South; Hayes becomes president, Tilden withdraws.


  4. The 3/5 Compromise stated that "Blacks" were 3/5 of a citizenFalse, is for voting purposes all persons not listed equals 3/5 of a citizen.


  5. Muti-culturalism??? Whatever you make it as.


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