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  1. What is part of the Townsend Acts which imposed taxes on the Americans?
  2. Self-government
  3. The 1st President to serve one term of was
  4. Kansas/Nebraska Act 1854
  5. Texas becomes a sovereign country in 1837 with Sam Houston's defeat of Santa Anna at the "Alamo"
  1. a concept of Popular Sovereignty (will of the People decides slavery)
  2. b ability to choose representative to represent one's interests.
  3. c Molasses, stamps, sugar, paper
  4. d False, Americans lured to Texas by Mexicans but prohibit slavery; Mexicans defeat all Americans at Alamo including one Blk; Sam Houston defeats Santa Anna at San Jacinto; Texas becomes a sovereign country(maintains slavery)
  5. e Samuel Adams

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  1. concept of limitless boundaries of land. Go West.
  2. defines US citizenship by birth or naturalization Americans have two; state & US
  3. No limitation on how one can earn a living.
  4. Thomas Jefferson
  5. Succeed or fail on your merits.

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  1. 13th Amendmentabolishes slavery in US


  2. Robert E. Leeability to express disagreement with authority.


  3. Paul Revere notified the Boston militia that the British were "coming by sea" to retrieve the stolen guns.True


  4. Muti-culturalismthe presence and input of diverse races, cultures in American society.


  5. Republican Party 1856Lincoln, a Republican, elected President; south fears slavery abolished.