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  1. Appomattox April 1865
  2. Reconstruction Period 1865-1876
  3. Kansas/Nebraska Act 1854
  4. Ft. Sumter April 1861
  5. Uncle Tom's Cabin 1852
  1. a Period of rebuilding US after Civil War
  2. b concept of Popular Sovereignty (will of the People decides slavery)
  3. c 1st battle of Civil War; south wins early battles
  4. d Lee surrenders to Grant to end American Civil War
  5. e Novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe about horrors of slavery.

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  1. False, Americans lured to Texas by Mexicans but prohibit slavery; Mexicans defeat all Americans at Alamo including one Blk; Sam Houston defeats Santa Anna at San Jacinto; Texas becomes a sovereign country(maintains slavery)
  2. no designated religion by governments.
  3. True
  4. commander of southern military forces.
  5. 1st women's right convention held; Sojourner Truth attends.

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  1. Freedman's Bureau??? Whatever you make it as.


  2. The bringing in of such persons(for Labor) would continue "with a tax of 10 dollars to the government up until 1808"Samuel Adams


  3. The British were slaughtered in their retreat back to Boston because their bright red uniforms "made easy targets" for American MarksmenTrue


  4. Rugged Individualismthe presence and input of diverse races, cultures in American society.


  5. The french became allies with the Americans after the American victory at "Saratoga NY" in 1777True