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  1. American Dream
  2. The 1st Continental Congress was called in 1775 for the 13 Colonies to "unite in common defense"
  3. Republican Party 1856
  4. Dred Scott Decision 1857
  5. In 1783 the Treaty of Paris
  1. a US Supreme Court defines slavery; "once a slave, always a slave"
  2. b national political party founded to abolish slavery.
  3. c -end the revolutionary War
    -America becomes a sovereign nation
    -America expands to the Mississippi River
    -American slaves who fought with the British were shipped to Jamaica.
  4. d ??? Whatever you make it as.
  5. e True

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  1. False, Jefferson purchases La. Territory (Mississippi River to Rocky Mountains) from Napoleon; Lewis & Clark explore with Sakajawa(Indian) as interpreter, York(BLK) guide
  2. True
  3. Amendment 1
  4. 1st Black to be governor of a state (Louisiana)
  5. no designated religion by governments.

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  1. Uncle Tom's Cabin 1852Novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe about horrors of slavery.


  2. Self-governmentability to choose representative to represent one's interests.


  3. Militiain absence of law or law enforcement, the community determines law.


  4. America's Manifest Destiny is complete with the purchase of "Oregon Territory" from Britain.Thomas Jefferson


  5. Hiram Revelsright to express one's particular opinion or view.