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Soapstone and tpcastt review....that's about it.

1st S in SOAPSTone


O in SOAPSTone

occasion (time, place, situation)

A in SOAPSTone

audience (for who is the poem designed? an individual? a group?)

P in SOAPSTone

purpose (what purpose does the author have in writing the poem? tell a story etc)

2nd S in SOAPSTone

speaker (what perspective is presented? age, gender etc)

Tone in SOAPSTone

tone (what emotion is being shown?)

1st T in TPCASTT

Title (what do you think the poem will be about based on this?)


Paraphrase (what is the poem about? notice enjambment)


Connotation (meaning beyond the literal, hinted at by diction, figurative language, imagery etc)


Attitude/Tone (What is the speaker's attitude towards the subject of the poem? Are the attitudes of other characters evident?)


Shifts (very important to look if shifts exist. does the speaker or attitude shift? but, yet, stanza divisions, changes in stanza or line length, punctuation)

2nd T in TPCASTT

Title (AGAIN)

3rd T in TPCASTT

Theme (different from subject. Theme is the poets statement about the subject. Ex: A poem's subject is love. Its theme may be the impossibility of achieving lasting love)

Susan Occasionally Audits People's Speaking Tones

Subject, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Speaker, Tone

Tim Particularly Communicates Attitude Shifts in Title and Theme

Title, Paraphrase, Connotation, Attitude, Shifts, Title, Theme

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