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Midterm for Theology Don't forget to study for the map portion of the exam!! I used both my study guide from Mrs. Goodwin's class and Sarah's studyguide from Sr. Colleen's class

personal integrity, Catholic faith-based community, caring community, excellence in education, service to others

What are Cor Jesu's Core Values?

the foundress of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Who is Mother Clelia?

flames- represents God's love for us; crown of thorns- pain Jesus suffered to redeem us; cross- the method in which Jesus died, also it represents that we all have crosses that we bear

What is the symbolism of the Sacred Heart?

Sharing the Love of the Heart of Christ

What is the charism of the Apostles, and of Cor Jesu?


the teaching authority of the church, Bishops in union (communion) with the Pope


the human writers of the Bible were deeply moved, or guided by the Holy Trinity, God, or the Holy Spirit


process and content of the transmission of official church beliefs, doctrines, rituals, and scriptures

Merneptah Steele

a victory stone, that was discovered and says that the Israelites existed back to 1208 B.C.

1. we learn about our faith
2. we grow closer to God, have a relationship with God
3. they give us guidance on how to live our lives

Give three reasons why we read Scripture

Book: Genesis
Characters: Adam and Eve, Satan, Noah, Cain and Abel
Themes: God is Creator; everything God created is good; humans have free will

Name characters (2 on the exam) the books, and the themes of the Early World (in chart)

Book: Genesis
Characters: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph
Themes: If you have faith in God, He will watch over and protect you; trust in God and everything will be alright; God always has a plan; God saves

Name characters (2 on the exam) the books, and the themes of the Patriarchs (in chart)

Book: Exodus
Characters: Moses, Israelites, Erin, Pharoah
Themes: With God all things are possible; earthy powers can't have oppression when God wants liberation; God will save His people; God gives us a way to love Him back

Name characters (2 on the exam) the books, and the themes of the Exodus Experience (in chart)

Book: Numbers
Characters: Israelites, Moses, Joshua, Aaron, Miriam
Themes: God still loves us, even when we disobey Him and if you let Him lead you, He will lead you to the promise land, God provides for us

Name characters (2 on the exam) the books, and the themes of the Desert Wanderings (in chart)

Books: Joshua, Judges
Characters: Joshua, Judges, Deborah, Samson, Gideon
Themes:If you listen hard enough God will tell you what to do in your darkest times; miracle warfare, God guides us

Name characters (2 on the exam) the books, and the themes of the Conquest of Land (in chart)

Books: 1, and 2 Samuel
Characters: David, Solomon, Saul, Nathan
Themes: When you are in God's favor, He will always make sure you are taken care of; keep the covenant

Name characters (2 on the exam) the books, and the themes of the United Kingdom (in chart)

Books: 1 and 2 Kings
Characters: Jereboham, Rehabom
Themes: If you do not obey covenants with God He will stop His part of the covenant too; warning of the exile; social injustice; influenced by other nations religions

Name characters (2 on the exam) the books, and the themes of the Divided Kingdom (in chart)

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

Who are the Patriarchs?

God tells Abraham to move to Canaan and he has to keep God as his one true God, and in return God gave Abraham a son and gave him descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky

Describe God's covenant with Abraham

God saves the Hebrew people from slavery through Moses. During this experience God sends ten plagues to the Egyptians, and Moses parted the Red Sea. God saves his people from slavery and Pharoah. Moses is the man who saves the Hebrew people from Pharoah with the help of God and he recieves the 10 commandments

What happened during the Exodus Experience? What does God save his people from? Who is Moses? (found in Exodus)

You have to have laws, and these laws are the 10 Commandments that help us show our love for God

Why is the Reception of the Law so important? (found in Exodus)

Reception of the Law

when we recieved the 10 commandments

He protects the Israelites because they are not equipped to fight in battles

Why is God portrayed as a Warrior God? (found in Judges)

reference to God helping his people during their skirmishes against other people

What is miracle warfare? (found in judges)

They are both military, spiritual, and political leaders

What is the role of judges? (found in judges)

he was first a warrior with limited success, he was a leader of tribes, the first king of Israel, he became depressed and David played the harp for him, lastly, he was a deeply troubled leader who failed to establish a centralized government

Describe the profile of Saul (found in Kings)

He was one of Jesus' ancestors, he formed a special covenant with God, when he ruled Israel it was as strong as it could be, lastly he became corrupt and commited adultery with another man's wife and then had that man killed

Describe the profile of David (found in Kings)

He was David's son , that asked God for wisdom, eventually became the wisest and richest king there ever was, he built a magnificent temple for God in Jerusalem, becam corrupt and worshipped idols and he lastly started the period of the divided kingdoms

Describe the profile of Solomon (found in Kings)

peer pressure from other people, wanted to be like everyone else

Why do Israelites choose kings? (found in Kings)

They unified the Israelites

What are the overall benefits of the kings? (found in Kings)

They were selfish, they rejected God, they taxed people to pay for their children and thier lavish households, and used the Israelites' sons for military purposes

What are the overall drawbacks of the kings? (found in Kings)

the deliver God's messages

What is the role of a prophet? (found in Prophets)

Samuel and Nathan

Who are examples of Old Testament prophets? (found in Prophets)

Because of David's sorrow after he commited adultery God was so impressed with his sorrow that he promised that the Messiah would come from his line of descendents, and he would be able to retire from the military in exchange for David following his commandments.

Describe God's covenant with David

Truths of Creation

God created man in his image and everything God makes is good, God created free will, and God is creator of everything

Themes: Treat others as you would like to be treated; God is suffering with us and He will comfort us; comfort; faithfulness; hope

Name characters (2 on the exam) the books, and the themes of the Exile

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