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Pharmacy Operations


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Materials management personnel are responsible for:
the drug procurement process, inventory control, and drug storage
If a product is labeled to expire 8/24 what is the last date it should be used?
Aug 31st, 2024
If a patient is experiencing nasal congestion when taking meds, what should the pharm tech do?
refer the patient to the pharmacist
What reference book should be used for storage requirements?
What type of prescription balance must be used for compounding 120 mgs of a 1% topical antifungal cream?
class a prescription balance
The device that links computers via communication lines is called the:
Which of the following groups is usually not a member of the P+T committee?
a dental representative
The process of producing a smooth dispersion of a drug with a spatula is called
An ongoing, systemic process for monitoring, evaluating, and improving the quality of pharmacy services is:
quality assurance
Medications containing Isotretinoin are restricted to what program?
What does DAW mean?
the brand name is to be dispensed as written
MEDWATCH may be used to report what type of problems?
prescription drugs, glucose test kits, and breast pumps problems
The name of the book that drugs and OTC products are listed daily in the pharmacy that will be used to order from?
Want book
The PPI must be included when albuterol is dispensed
every time it is dispensed
If a manufacturer's labeling results in a strong likelihood the product will cause serious adverse effect, what type FDA recall would be instituted?
class 1
A semi-rigid cup-like plastic package that is normally used for oral solid medications and sealed with a foil type material is called a:
blister package
If you discover a medication has expired they should:
follow the manufacturers return policy
The purchasing of drugs directly from the manufacturer requires:
a minimum order set by the manufacturer
Which of the following inventory turnover rates is an indication of good inventory management?
higher rate
A patient package insert is mandatory when dispensing which of the following?
The computer term "mnemonic" is defined as:
a shortened term used to facilitate data entry
If a manufacturer's labeling results in a temporary, but reversible adverse effects or little likelihood of serious effects, what type of FDA recall would be instituted?
Class 2
According to the Controlled Substances Act, a prescription for Dexedrine should be filed under which schedule?
schedule 2
What should the tech do to ensure that short dated items are used first?
place stock with earliest expiration date in front
All of the following are requirements for a prescription label except:
address of patient
Which drug information would a technician use for information concerning the dosing of a newly marketed antihypertensive?
Facts and Comparisons
Refills for prescriptions requested by patients via the phone should contain all but
drivers license number
Which of the following is NOT required on a unit-dose packages drug?
storage requirements
The two letter code assigned by the Orange Book indicates the:
therapeutic equivalence of generic drugs
The term "turnover rate" usually means:
How fast the inventory is used.
When developing a policy and procedure for ensuring the safety of a drug in multi-dose vial, all the following should be considered except:
the cost of the medication
Which of the following documents is proof of receipt of Class 3 controlled substances?
commercial invoice
This reference book contains official drug standards and is a required reference source in all licensed pharmacy settings.
The process, which utilized dehydration to remove moisture from a solid substance, is called:
Medicare part B will cover which of the following?
What information may a pharm tech get from a MSDS?
information regarding product ingredients
What is the official name of ObamaCare and the reforms in the health industry?
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
A resource may be used to determine if the parenteral medication must be filtered is all the following except:
the red book of injectable drugs
Scanning for drug prices and stock levels would be accomplished with which device?
barcode reader
The smallest gelatin capsule used for extemporaneous compounding is size:
The computer error message "refill too soon" indicates:
the patient is attempting to get the prescription earlier than the "day supply" indicated
Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) is
Prescription that is directly entered by physicians
In what publication can the information found on a manufactures package insert for Premarin be found?
The Physician's desk reference
Which of the following gives prescribers a way of sending an error free prescription to the pharmacy?
e prescribing
All the following are the technician's responsibility except?
signing the DEA form from the wholesaler
The main concern of pharmacy practice today is the:
provision of optimal drug therapy for all patients
The middle set of digits in a National Drug Code number represents:
the product strength and dosage form
The NDC on a medication bottle refers to the:
Manufacturer, drug product, quantity packaged
A 70 year old patient enters the pharmacy complaining of persistent heartburn. The pharm tech should:
tell the patient to speak to the pharmacist
The "computer access code" for pharmacy software is used to:
access prescription files
The technician receives an order for Prednisone 2 mg 2 qid pc and hs. How much of the drug needs to be placed in the medication drawer for a 24 hour period?
4 doses
Who does a reverse distributors provide services for?
independent pharmacies
Which of the following is not a function of good inventory control?
reduce costs
The CDC is the regulatory commission responsible for:
infection control
Pharmaceutical manufacturers will notify the pharmacy of a drug recall in writing by listening the name of the drug and the:
lot number
Which drug recall is the most important in that all parties involved in the dispensing of a prescription (Doctor, Pharmacy and patient) must be notified due to the drugs potential or serious harm?
drug recall 1
In the orange book, TE is short for:
Therapeutic equivalence
The purpose of a formulary is a document:
A listing of committee-approved pharmaceuticals and therapeutics in stock.
According to most insurance coverage, if a prescription is written for a brand name product and "may substitute" is marked:
the generic drug must be dispensed
Reported medication errors occur (per the ISMP) how often?
3% of the time
In preforming their duties, what must a pharmacy tech do?
have all labels and products checked by a pharmacist
The term used when a pharmacy has to call to receive approval to dispense non-formulary medication is?
prior authorization
The appearance of crystals in Mannitol injection would indicate that the product:
was exposed to cold
A cash register is a mechanical or electronic device used for which of the following?
calculate and record sales transactions
The cost-sharing plan in which patients pay a specified dollar amount for every prescription received is known as:
What is the definition of controlled room temperature?
15-30 degrees centigrade
A policy and procedure manual may provide guidance in each of the following areas:
personnel orientation, training and evaluation, aseptic technique, and position or job descriptions
The iPledge program restricts the distribution of:
isotretinoin, accutane, and claravis
What is the program called that is used for dispensing medication in the pharmacy setting?
POS Systems allows the advantage of
Management of inventory
eMAR is an acronym for:
electronic medication administration record
Computer generated safety features include drug alerts that:
should be relayed to the pharmacist on duty
What is the proper method of measuring a liquid in a graduated cylinder?
hold at eye level and read the bottom of the meniscus
Therapeutic equivalency indicates that the two drugs:
have the same quantity of active ingradients
The dispensing label on an outpatient pharmacy prescription requires:
legal name of pharmacy and address
The pharmacy technician is asked to assist in the compounding of a lotion. In what drug information source would this information be looked up?
facts and comparisons
What is a hermetically sealed container impervious to:
A Preferred Provider Organization is what?
a network of health care providers
The purpose of the P+T committee is to:
a. establish and maintain a drug formulary system
b. recommend policies regarding investigational drugs
c. collect data from drug utilization review
The AB letter code assigned by the orange book indicates the:
therapeutic equivalence of generic drugs
the sig: for triazolam would most likely be:
qHS pm
Which of the following is a common disease treated in the home care environment?
osteomyelitis, chronic pain, and malnutrition
All outpatient prescription requires which of the following?
prescribers phone number and address
Federal law requires prescription orders for controlled drugs must contain all of the following except:
physicians telephone number
What type of measuring device should be used to measure 3 ml of a liquid for compounding?
10 mL cylindrical graduate
When labeling prescriptions packed in a Unit Dose, what information should it not contain?
manufacturers address
What auxillary information should be attached to amoxil 250mg/5cc suspension?
shake well
The material Safety data sheets serve what function?
provides information concerning hazardous substances
When selling pseudoephedrine per the CMEA regulations, it is not necessary for patients to provide _____________________.
place of employment of purchaser
Which one of the following organizations oversees MEDWATCH?
An investigational drug Isoxicam has been discontinued by the Physician. The remaining drug should be:
returned to the person responsible for investigational drugs
Which of the following suppositories should be stored in the refrigerator?
promethazine can be stored at 6 degrees centigrade
Which of the following opthalmic medications must be refrigerated?
Who is responsible for the drug recall process?
What reference book should a pharm tech look to find storage requirements for a particular medication?
A patient calls the pharmacy asking why his Lanoxin is white instead of the usual yellow color. Which of the following is the most appropriate action to take?
Explain the situation to the pharmacist, correct the error, and document the error per procedures
How often does the physician's desk reference get updated?
How would you identify a medication in a drug recall situation?
by the drug's lot number
The labeling of Unit-dose products must include medication name and which of the following?
dose strength, manufacturer or pharmacy code, drug expiration date
If the FDA or pharmaceutical manufacturer recalls a product the technician should immediately:
separate by lot number and follow operation procedures for return to manufacturer
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is more often called ___ for short
Affordable care act
When accepting a prescription for Warfarin from a patient the technician should:
notify the pharmacist if the patient is also buying aspirin; there is an interaction with these
When filling a prescription, a pharmacy technician should not _________________.
verify the patient's children
When using a graduated cylinder for measuring a liquid what is the proper method?
hold at eye level and read the bottom of the meniscus
What must a pharmacy technician do if asked to transfer a prescription to another pharmacy?
refer the patient to the pharmacist