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ch 10

All of the following are common criteria of employee performance EXCEPT
d. acting in accordance with ethical principles.
Performance measures are said to be ____ if they leave out some important job duties.
c. deficient
Which of the following comments by a supervisor during an appraisal interview illustrates the development function of performance appraisal?
c. I am going to pair you with Alex for a month so that you can learn his technique in closing sales.
"Multisource" rating, also called ____, recognizes that employee performance crosses departmental, organizational and, in some cases, global boundaries.
d. 360 feedback
Brownbrass, Inc., has instituted a multisource rating system. The results will be used for both developmental and administrative purposes, such as compensation and promotion decisions. As an HR consultant hired by the organization, you can predict that
d. the performance ratings will be inflated.
The simplest methods for appraising performance are the
b. category scaling methods.
Which of the following is characteristic of graphic rating scales?
a. Descriptive words used may have different meanings to different raters.
Comparative methods of rating
b. can either be statistically-based (such as forced distribution) or simply rankings of each employee against his/her co-workers.
Cheryl, a branch manager at Prairie Ridge Bank, is upset that all the tellers in the various branches will be evaluated by the ranking system. The tellers' raises will be determined by their ranking, and the worst-ranked teller in each branch will be terminated. Cheryl has many concerns about using the ranking method, and she has an appointment with the executive vice president of HR to present her arguments. All of the following are concerns she will raise EXCEPT
c. It will be too difficult for Cheryl to distinguish between her best and worst performers.
You are the director of HR for a medium-sized regional utility company. Your CEO attended a speech by Jack Welch, and now she wants to implement his "differentiation" performance appraisal system in the company. This system is similar to ranking and forced distribution. You have some concerns about the appropriateness this system because
d. forced distribution systems have been subject of discrimination lawsuits
All of the following are recommendations for making a performance appraisal system more effective and more defensible legally EXCEPT
d. use multisource methods of performance appraisal
The key factor underlying the management by objectives approach is that
a. the manager and subordinate work together to develop the goals.
Of the following steps in the development of an MBO performance appraisal system, _____________ falls earliest in the process
c. developing accurate job descriptions
Ambrose was rated as having average performance levels when he worked in the design department of the Midwestern region of the company. Last year Ambrose was transferred to the Northeastern region where he holds the same job. Although Ambrose's production numbers have been consistent, he has been rated as an outstanding performer this year. It is most likely that Ambrose's varying performance appraisals have been affected by the ____ error.
d. contrast
The performance appraisal interview is a type of feedback system. The components of a feedback system include all of the following EXCEPT
c. acceptance of the evaluation as fair.
Poorly-designed pay-for-performance systems could cause high-performing employees to leave the organization because of perceived inequity.
The equivalent of a 20/70/10 forced distribution method of performance appraisal applied in a classroom would require 10 percent of the students to be given a failing grade, so that they would be motivated to either improve or to drop the class.
In the essay approach to performance appraisal, the manager has more flexibility than in other appraisal methods and can provide highly detailed information about the subordinate being rated.
At the present time, WilburAviation has an effective performance appraisal system in place for its employees. It does not train hourly employees who are promoted to supervisor because they have been through many appraisal cycles themselves and have internalized the company's process. This is an acceptable practice because managers and supervisors tend to "repeat the past" and evaluate their subordinates as they have been evaluated.
Since the data pertinent to the employee's performance has been collected and evaluated before the performance appraisal interview is held, it is too late at that point to correct misunderstandings and mistakes.