Astron Quiz 3 page 5

Astronomy with JOHNSON
A type I supernova believed to occur when...
a white dwarf exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit.
A nova is almost always associated with...
a white dwarf in a close binary system.
When material expanding away from a star in a binary system reaches the Roche surface...
the material is no longer gravitationally bound to the star.
As material leaves an expanding star and begins to fall into a white dwarf...
and accretion disk will form around the white dwarf.
Massive stars cannot generate energy though iron fusion because...
iron is the most tightly bound of all nuclei.
For a star of Sun-like mass, what is the last stage of the nuclear fusion?
Helium to carbon and oxygen.
What mechanism does an isolated white dwarf use to generate energy?
White dwarfs don't generate their own energy.
After what evolutionary stage does a star become a white dwarf?
The sun will eventually become a supernova/