Matter Study Guide

What is matter?
Anything that occupies space
What are the two standard units of measurement scientist use to measure matter?
metric system and Customary System
Examples of Metric?
Examples of Customary System?
in, ft, yd
What is the difference between mass and weight of an object?
Mass is the amount of matter the object has and weight is the pull of gravity on an object.
Examples of measuring mass?
g, kg, mg
Examples of measuring weight?
oz, lb, Ton
Physical Change
The physical properties vary but they are still the same substance
Chemical Change
one form of matter changes into another
Example of physical Change
two rocks grinding together and spit apart
Example of Chemical Change
glow stick, steel wool rusting, formation of stalactite in a cave
What are three states of matter?
solid, liquid, gas
What is a solid?
Molecules are tightly packed so vibrate don't move
What is a liquid?
Molecules are not packed as tightly so move more freely
What is a gas?
Molecules are far apart and bounce off each other
What evidence of a chemical change did you observe in either the steel wool or your glow stick?
Steel wool: changed in texture because the reaction caused it to crumble, reaction caused a new matter
Glow Stick: the hydrogen peroxide in the glass tube reacted with the chemical (phenyl Oxalate Ester)in the plastic tube when you bend the stick which causes the glass tube to break mixing the two chemicals and causing a glowing chemical reaction
What is an atom?
smallest bits of matter
What are three main parts of an atom?
electron, protons, neutrons
What is the charge of a electrons?
What is the charge of a proton?
What is the charge of a neutron?
When drawing up an atomic model, where are the protons, neutrons , and electrons?
Protons and neutrons are in the middle and electrons circle them on the outside
Groups of atoms are called?
Pure elements are made of one or more than one types of atom or molecules?
only one kind
If the atoms in molecule are different it is called?
What does the symbol stand for on the periodic chart?
THe short way to write the name of the atom
Carbon and Oxygen become?
Carbon dioxide
Iron and oxygen become?
Iron Oxide
Calcium chloride become?
Calcium + chlorine
Hydrogen iodide become?
Hydrogen + iodine