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Set of glands and their hormones.


in the anterior pituitary gland. stimulates adrenal cortex.


in the anterior pituitary gland. targets thyroid gland, triggers release of thyroid hormones.


in the anterior pituitary gland. stimulates cell growth and replication by accelerating protein synthesis.


in the anterior pituitary gland. with other hormones stimulates the mammary glands and milk production.


in the anterior pituitary gland. it promotes follicle (egg) development, secretion of estrogen, sperm production in males.


in the anterior pituitary gland. induces ovulation produces reproductive cells in females. stimulates androgens for males.


in the anterior pituitary gland. stimulates melanocytes in the skin increasing production of melanin.


in the posterior pituitary gland. hormone that helps with contractions, labor, sex, and ejaculation of sperm and release of milk.


in the posterior pituitary gland. controls the amount of water loss in urine.

T3 and T4

in the thyroid gland. increases energy utilization.


in the thryoid gland. regulates calcium ion concentration in body fluids.

Epinephrine and Norepinephrine

in the Adrenal Medulla gland. increases cardiac activity, blood pressure, increases the breakdown of glycogen to increase muscle power and endurance.

Cortisol and Corticosterone

in the adrenal cortex gland. promotes glucose production and triggers anti-inflammatory response.


in the adrenal cortex gland. retention of sodium by preventing loss of sodium in urine, sweat, and saliva.


In the adrenal cortex gland. sex hormones.


in the pineal gland. inhibits reproductive function, protexts neural tissue from free radicals. establishes wake-sleep cycle aka circadium rhythm.

Parathyroid hormone

in the parathyroid gland. increases calcium concentration.

Regulatory Hormones

in the hypothalamus. controls the activity of the endocrine cells. controls the anterior pituitary gland.

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