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the temple was important to jews because God ___

dwelled there

the lord is my shepord, there is nothering I lack. came ___

PS 23: 1

I am the handmade of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word, then the angel left. came ___

LK 1: 38 (mary said)

you are the light of teh world, you do not light a light and but it under a bushal basket. came___

MT 5: 14

let us make man in out image after our likeness. came___

GN 1: 26

the new testament has ___ books of the bible.


the old testament has___ books of he bible.


the church started with___


___ call 7 books of the bible ___

protostanist, uninspired

the unchangeable traditions of the church are called___

dagma ( you only focuse on one thing)

saints are men/women who while on earth respondd to ___ an now share ___ with ___

Gods call, eternal life, Christ

anyone who ___ in God and___ can be a saint.

beileves, avods sin

commuinion of saints (3 places)

heaven, earth, purgatory

protestants share with catholics?

baptism, monotheism, Jesus, Holy Spirit, bible, and eucharist

protestants believe the eucharist is ___


many protestants take the bible ___


4 marks of the church?

one, holy, apostalic (spread word), chatholic (universal)

the ___,___ is teh effort to unite all christians

ecumenical movement

7 gifts of the Holy Spirit?

right judgment, understanding, wonder awe, courage, wisdom, knowledge, reverence

3 names for Mary?

mother of God, mother of Church, virgin Mary

we bear much fruit only if___


small___ that destroy a person's good character


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