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Predicate Nominative
comes after the L.V and is a noun.not included in preposition phrase.it explains/rename the subject
Predicate Adjective
comes after the L.V and is an adjective.not included in preposition phrase.describe the subject
Indirect Object
tells to/for whom and to/for what the action of the verb is done.comes before the D.O.not included in preposition phrase.comes after the action verb
Direct Object
answer what/who after the A.V.comes after the I.O.not included in preposition phrase.directly receives the action expressed by the verb
Linking Verb
Comes before P.N and P.A.
Action Verb
comes before I.O and D.O.
adjective clause
a subordinate clause that modifies a noun/pronoun.begins with a relative prounoun such as - who,whom,which,whose,that,when,where-
adverb clause
subordinate clause thta modifies a verb,an adjective,an adverb or a verbal.tells -how, where,why,when, to what extent,or under what condition. are intoduce by subordinating conjunctions such as -as after,although,before,if,since,so,then,unless,while-
noun clause
subordinate clause use as a non.it may be used as a subject,a predicate nominative, a direct o bject, the object of a preposition, or an object of a verbal.usually intoduce by - that, what,when,where,whether,who,whoever, whom,whomever,whose,why, how-
prepositional phrase
does not contain both a verb and its subject.consist of a preposition and its modifier.
appositive phrase
noun/pronoun placed beside another noun/pronoun to explain/identify it.it is usually set of by commas unless it is essential to the meaning of the sentence.
gerund phrase
a verb ending in -ing that is used as a noun.it is used as subjects,predicate nominative ,direct objects or object of preposition
adjective phrase
a prepositional phrase used as a adjective.it always follows the noun or pronoun it identifies.
infinitive phrase
a verb form and preceded by to that can be used as a noun,an adjective or an adverb
adverb phrase
a prepositional phrase used as an adverb.tell when,where,,how,why or to what extent.it modifies a verb, an adjective or an adverb
used as a subject of a verb and as a predicate nominative.
used as an object of a verb and as an object of a preposition.