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Social Studies Chapter 4 Review - Lesson 2

1587 - Roanoke Island
First English settlement in America, off NC, settlers disappeared, led by John White
1607 - Jamestown
First permanent English settlement in America
John Smith
led Jamestown, required everyone to work (don't work - don't eat)
John Rolfe
brought tobacco seeds to Jamestown which grew well; colony prospered with tobacco
Virginia Company
British business; invested in Jamestown hoping to make money for investors
1620 - Plymouth/Pilgrims
landed off Cape Cod trying to get to Virginia; religious freedom; called Separatists because they wanted to separate, or break away, from the Church of England
1630 - Puritans settled in Massachusetts Bay Colony
Includes present-day Boston and Salem; did not want to separate from the Church of England but wanted to "purify" it (make it better); led by John Winthrop.