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1. Ainame—greenling fish, rock trout, (A cousin of the rock fish; rare, umami and sour taste, early summer to autumn, The fish has a distinct soft and silky texture, particularly rich in natural fish oil content, )
2. Amadai—tilefish (a type of tai, part of sea bream family, watery flesh)
3. Anko— monkfish, angler/goose fish( chewy, its liver delicious than foie gras)
4. Aka yagara— cornetfish
5. Akamutsu— red perch, rosy seabass (Imagine the flavor and texture of kinmedai, but even a bit fattier and more oily, with a lovely, sweet flavor and aroma. )
6. Akoudai—red rockfish(The meat is identical to Kinmedai, containing high amount of fat and is extremely tender
7. Aodai—blue snapper
8. Ayu—sweet fish, JP smelt (part of salmon/trout family, grilled)
9. Bora—mullet
10. Buri—king yellowtail
11. Engawa—fluke fin( crunchy and chewy, with rich fat)
12. Fugu—globe/blow fish, pufferfish ( chewy)
13. Guchi—white croaker ( tender juicy)
14. Hata—grouper ( chewy, delicate
15. Hirame—fluke, flounder ( chewy, rich)
16. Hoshi Gari— spotted flounder, starry flounder ( the king of shiromi, smooth, fatty, full of umami)
17. Hobo/houbou—red gurnard (a smooth, mild taste and firm flesh when very fresh; The fish has a distinct mix of white and pink colours and a full-bodied texture with a light sweetness, )
18. Hachibiki/akasaba—pacific bonnetmouth, red mackerel
19. Ibodai—pacific rudderfish/butterfish
20. Isaki—three line grunt ( chewy, delicate, lean and sweet; The fish has a crisp and chewy texture,)
21. Itoyori — Golden Threadfin Bream (A distinctive fish with sun-yellow stripes, the Threadfin Bream features mild lean soft white meat and a distinctive flavored skin. )
22. Ishidai —skipped beak fish, Knife Jaw (It has a clean, sweet flavor and a surprisingly high fat content, The fish has a rich, luscious taste with succulent texture,)
23. Kamasu—barracuda (light, soft, juicy )
24. Kanpachi—amberjack
25. Kinki — Thornyhead(has a delicious high fat content—akin to the coveted otoro. Its smooth, buttery flesh is perfect for sashimi)
26. Karei —marbled JP flounder; JP flat fish, winter flounder, type of hirame(very sweet and fatty, yet delicate and balanced. )
27. Kasago—scorpion fish, rock fish (The fish has a delicate and succulent texture yet a touch of crispness and full of freshness, )
28. Kasugo—JP red seabream
29. Kawahagi—Thread-sail filefish; trigger fish (When served as nigiri-zushi, it is usually topped with its own liver, The taste of the fish itself is quite subtle and delicate, not unlike hirame, but the addition of the liver adds a decadently creamy element to the nigiri, making it an intoxicatingly rich delicacy. The fish has a firm and plump texture packed with rich collagen.)
30. Kochi—flat head fish (a lean whitefish with very firm meat)
31. Kue—JP kelp grouper (rich fat meat and springy skin taste)
32. Kurodai—Black Sea bream
33. Kuromutsu—black blue fish
34. Kisu—garfish, JP whiting (The leanest of all hikarimono fish, super clean flavor)
35. Makogarei—marbled sole (and hoshigarei are the most delicious summer shiromi)
36. Managatsuo— JP butterfish
37. Mebura—rock fish (The fish has a lush succulent texture and fresh taste,)
38. Nodoguro—rosy seabass, black throat sea perch (fatty tender)
39. Suzuki—seabass (The fish is vibrantly fresh and fragrant,)
40. Shima-aji — striped jack (The fish has a delicate and luscious taste yet carries a crispness )
41. Tai—red snapper
42. Tachiuo — Beltfish (The flesh has a mild taste)
43. Tobiuo— flying fish ( less fat)
44. Wakasagi— JP smelt (tender and juicy)
45. Yagara—flute fish