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What is Canada's ranking of the world's countries in size?
Where do most Canadians live?
St. Lawrence lowlands
Which large Canadian landform, which is rich in minerals, surrounds Hudson Bay making a "U" shape?
Canadian Shield
What attracted early settlers to Canada?
Beaver Fur trade
Where did most of Canada's early immigrants come from?
England, France, Ireland, Scotland
What are the "First Nations"?
Descendants of tribes that migrated from Asia to settle in Canada
Why does the Canadian government need to work with the US government to clean up the Great Lakes?
Both countries need to use the water to survive
What are the official languages of Canada?
English and French
What is unique about the province of Quebec?
Quebec has a strong French heritage and is mostly Catholic; it has tried to become a new country
Which area of Canada is best for logging and fishing?
The Pacific coast
What is multiculturalism?
Canada's official policy of making welcome all groups of people with many different backgrounds
Where in Canada are the most valuable minerals found?
Canadian Shield
How did Canada achieve independence from Britain?
peacefully through negotiations and new laws
Why does 75% of Canada's population live within 100 miles of its southern border?
Milder climate, access to lakes/St Lawrence River/easier trade with US
Why does Canada have two official languages?
British and French colonization led to cultural exchange
What is the leader of the executive branch of government in Canada called?
Prime Minister
What is one way British influence can be seen in Canada's current system of government?
Prime Minister-leader, Parliament, House of Commons, Monarch recognized
What impact did European exploration and colonization have on Canada?
Many cultural traditions...language and religion were transferred
Where did the first people to migrate to North America come from?
What were Europeans that first arrived in Canada seeking?
A route from Europe to Asia
What was the impact of the fur trade?
A competition between the native people and Europeans for control over the fur trade
Who claimed Canada for France?
Jacques Cartier
Where did many French eventually settle?
In colonies near the St Lawrence River
What was an important part of New France's economy?
The fur trade
What did the British discover about the land north of New France?
It was the best land for furs
How did the outcome of the Seven Year's War affect Canada?
Canada became part of the British Empire
How was the Quebec Act an example of compromise?
It tried to balance interests of British and French Canadian citizens
What effect did the American Revolution have on Canada's population?
It caused the population of Canada to increase due to the British supporters leaving the US and going to Canada