Force and Motion Vocabulary


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A push or a pull
change in position
A force of attraction between objects that is due to their masses.
A force that opposes motion
balanced forces
Equal forces acting on an object in opposite directions
unbalanced forces
Forces that produce a nonzero net force, which changes an object's motion
The distance an object travels per unit of time
The length of a path between two points
unit of measurement
potential energy
Energy that is stored and held in readiness
kinetic energy
energy due to motion
Newton's First Law
an object at rest will stay at rest, an object that is moving will stay moving unless disturbed by an
unbalanced force.
Newton's Second Law
Force = mass x acceleration
Newton's Third Law
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
wheel and axle
a simple machine consisting of two circular objects of different sizes; the wheel is the larger of the two circular objects
A simple machine that consists of a rope that fits into a groove in a wheel
A simple machine that is an inclined plane wrapped around a central cylinder to form a spiral
a simple machine that is an inclined plane that moves
inclined plane
A flat surface set at an angle or an incline with no moving parts that is able to lift objects by pushing or pulling the load.
a simple machine that consists of a bar that pivots at a fixed point called a fulcrum