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what is the function of memory cells
to provide an accelerated immune response upon second exposure to a particular antigen
what are the proteins secreted by plasma cells called?
Where in the kidney does ultrafiltration take place?
which of the following statements is true for hybridoma cells?
they are B cells that have fused with tumor cells
Why are antibiotics not effective against viruses?
viruses have no metabolism
the elbow is an example of a third class lever. In a third class lever
the effort is positioned between the fulcrum and the resistance
what happens to the polar bodies formed during oogenesis?
they degenerate and die
how do vaccines give immunity
memory cells produce antibodies at a fast rate
what is the function of Sertoli cells?
nourishment of spermatids
In the kidneys of mammals, the loop of Henle can be found in
Which is the most soluble in water?
Where is hCG produced?
Which of these statements is correct regarding muscle contraction?
the cross bridges bind to the actin and shorten the sarcomeres
The inflammatory response includes all of the following except for
vessel constriction
the cross bridges involved in muscle contraction are located on the
myosin filaments
which of these statements about the human placenta is incorrect?
the mothers blood and the fetal blood mix in the placenta
The segment of a myofibril that is called a sarcomere runs from
one Z line to the next Z line
what are the cells that produce antibodies called?
plasma cells
which of the following affirmations is correct?
Birds release their nitrogenous waste as uric acid because it is not water soluble, thus does not require water to be released.
Waste products of adenine and guanine metabolism are excreted by humans as _________.
Which of the following statements about human sperm and human egg cells is correct?
sperm have a larger surface area to volume ratio
What is the role of hCG in early pregnancy?
it prevents the degeneration of the corpus luteum
Diseases in which a person's immune system attacks the person's own normal tissue are called ____________
autoimmune diseases