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  1. environmental ethic
  2. universalist
  3. goods
  4. capitalist market economy
  5. nonmarket values
  1. a value not included in price of goods
  2. b clear right and wrong
  3. c applys ethics to the environment
  4. d material commodities
  5. e determined by buyers and sellers

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  1. general progress indicator
  2. wrote the Land Ethic
  3. gives rights to all life
  4. reflects personal belief about the world
  5. work done for others

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  1. steady-state economystable markets


  2. centrally planned economygovernment controlled market


  3. anthropocentrismconsiders entire ecosystem as valuable


  4. ecolabelingpromotes low environmental impact products


  5. ecofeminismviews world in terms of relationships and cooperation