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  1. ecolabeling
  2. steady-state economy
  3. worldview
  4. capitalist market economy
  5. services
  1. a reflects personal belief about the world
  2. b promotes low environmental impact products
  3. c determined by buyers and sellers
  4. d work done for others
  5. e stable markets

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  1. provided by nature
  2. market controlled by supply and demand
  3. believes ethics vary based on the situation
  4. humans may use but not abuse natural resources
  5. applys ethics to the environment

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  1. anthropocentrismhuman centered view


  2. ecocentrismconsiders entire ecosystem as valuable


  3. economicsstudy of resource use


  4. centrally planned economygovernment controlled market


  5. Aldo Leopoldstudy of resource use