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ServSafe final's review

What's the minimum temperature should hot food be held on a self-serve buffet?
135 F
Single-use gloves should only be used....
over clean hands
What's the safest way to thaw a frozen 25-pound turkey?
Under a refrigeration at a maximum temperature of 41 F
Bacteria grows well in foods that....
contain protein, are moist, and are neutral to slightly acidic
What is contamination?
The presence of harmful substances in food.
Which item poses the greatest risk to children or elderly people?
Rare hamburger
The manager at a hospital is planning next week's menu. What should not be served?
Alfalfa sprouts
Delivery of shell eggs should be recieved at an air temperature of what?
45 F or below
The effectiveness of a chemical sanitizer can be limited by?
Improper rinsing that leaves a detergent reside
Dry food should be stored off of the floor by at least...?
6 inches
For proper hand hygine, what is acceptable for a food handler?
Short fingernails
If someone has hepatitis A, what should occur?
Exclude them from the establishment then notify the local regulartory authority
What information does a MSDS include?
First Aid Data
What is an unacceptable material for cutting boards?
soft wood, like pine
The proper way to check temperature of a vaccum sealed food product is .....?
Put themometer between two of them
Determining where hazards can occur in the flow of food, identifying potential food hazards, and grouping food by how it is processed in an establishment are all elements of...
Conducting a hazard analysis
What is cross-connection?
A link between safe and unsafe water
There has been a backup in the floor drain or a kitchen area Sewage and waste water are in the floor. What should the manager do?
Close the restaurant immediantly
Bacteria that cause foodborne intoxications?
produce poisonous substances
Cleaning tools should be...
stored away from food preparation areas.
Which would be the best way to prevent the Giardia parasite from infecting food?
Using safe water supplies
Which item can be safely re-served?
An unopened individual packet of jelly or ketchup
The water temperature in a washing machine shouldn't be 195 F. Why?
because the water will evaporate before it sanitizes the dishes
how long must food establishments keep files after the harvest date for shellstock?
90 days
A prep cook is diagnosed with shigellosis must be...
excluded from work and notify the local regulartory authority
Foodborne illness is least likely caused by....
improper equiptment storage.
scornbroid poisoning can be prevented by:
purchasing fish from approved, reputable supplies
Which is a TCS food: Saltines, Bananas, Sprouts, or Coffee?
Jaundice is a sympdtom of which foodborne illness?
Hepitis A
A foodhandler reports having a sore throat and fever, what should you do?
keep them from working with food.
What is the purpose of Material Safety Data Sheet?
Inform staff of safe wuse and hazards associated with chemicals used in the operation
Food must be cooled from 135 F to ________ within 2 hours.
70 F
A stockpot of soup that needs to cool should be placed, where?
in an ice-water bath
What is the only way to prevent back flow?
Air gap
What is coving?
Curved, sealed edge between a floor and a wall.
Which organization makes recommendations for food safety regulation of the foodservice industry?
Food and Drug Administration
Waste water is draining slowly. What is the most likely reason?
Buildup in the grease trap
When purchasing chemicals, pesticides, or hazardous materials....
Be sure they are approved for use in a foodservice establishment