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  1. the velocity of a falling object when it has enough air resistance to cancel out its weight
    an object at terminal velocity is in dynamic equilibrium
  2. friction acting on a stationary object keeping it from moving
  3. a net force on an object produces an acceleration on that object that is directly proportional to the net force and inversely proportional to its mass
  4. Fg=mg
  5. direct
    one increases the other increases

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  1. Net Forcethe sum of all forces acting on an object
    a net force will cause ACCELERATION


  2. Equilibrium(such as air resistance)
    friction acting on an object as it moves through a fluid(air, water, etc.)


  3. Mass and Accelerationinverse
    One increases the other decreases


  4. Factors influencing kinetic frictionvelocity
    surface area


  5. Factor influencing air resistancecoefficient of friction
    normal force