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Phrase bank: Networking (In Company Upper Intermediate 3.0 SB p62 Unit 9)


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I don't think we've met.
I don't think we've been introduced.
meeting people for the first time
Fancy meeting you here!
I didn't expect to see you here!
bumping into old friends
You're looking very well!
Married life obviously suits you!
paying compliments
You managed to find us OK?
Did you have any trouble finding us?
asking about a journey
Long time no see.
How's life treating you?
catching up with old friends
I wonder if I could have a word with you.
There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about.
raising an important subject
I could put in a word for you if you like.
I could put you in touch with someone I know.
offering to help someone
Give my regards to Theo when you see him.
Fiona mentioned you might be dropping by.
referring to third parties
It's been great talking to you.
I've really enjoyed our conversation.
breaking off a conversation
Is that the time? I must be going soon.
I should be making a move.
taking your leave
We must get together soon.
Let's not leave it so long next time.
looking forward to future contact
Bye now!
Take care.
saying goodbye