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  • Area of a Parallelogram
  • Area of a Triangle
    A = 1/2 bh
  • Area of a Trapezoid
    A = ½*h*(b₁ + b₂)
  • Area of a Circle
  • Volume of Rectangular Prisms
  • Volume of Triangular Prisms
    V = (1/2 bh)h
  • Volume of Pyramids
    V = 1/3Bh
  • Volume of Cones
    V = 1/3Bh
  • Volume of Spheres
  • Circumference
    The distance around a circle
  • Surface Area of Cylinders
    2πr² + 2πrh
  • Surface area of Pyramids
    S= (1/2)Pl + B (P= Perimeter of Base, L= Slant Height, B= Area of Base)
  • Surface Area of Cones
    SA=πrl + πr²
  • Perimeter of a Triangle
    add all three sides P= a+b+c
  • Perimeter of a Rectangle
    P = 2l+ 2w
  • Perimeter of a Square
  • Perimeter of a regular Polygon
    P= number of sides x side length
  • Perimeter
    the distance around a polygon
  • Polygon
    A closed plane figure made up of line segments
  • Area
    The measure, in square units, of the inside of a plane figure.
  • base and height always form a __________ angle.
    Right or 90°
  • Perimeter of a Quadrilateral
    add all four sides P= a+b+c+d