korean vocab chapter 4

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그래서and so, therefore-께(honorific form of ~에게 or 한테)나가다to go out대기실waiting room-께서honorific form of 이/가-께서는honorific form of 은/는나가다to go out남편husbandmy (plain form of 제)드리다to give (humble form of 주다)들어오다come indaughter멋있다to be stylish, cool미용실beauty salon빅베어Big Bear Lake in Southern California사촌cousin사촌 형cousin elder brother삼촌uncle세리토스Cerritos숙모aunt (uncle's wife)쉬다to restshhh (be quiet)스키장ski resort식구family member신랑groom신부bride아내wife아들son애틀랜타Atlanta어디에서from where외삼촌uncle (mother's side)외숙모uncle's wife~으실 거예요 /실 거예요[FUTURE TENSE HONORIFIC VERB ENDING]이모aunt (mother's sister)이모부aunt's husband (mother's side)조금만just a littlevery친할머니grandmother (father's-side)친할아버지grandfather (father's side)형수elder brother's wife