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  1. autonomic nervous system
  2. excitability
  3. what are examples of inhibitory transmission?
  4. how many spinal nerves in the PNS? what do they do?
  5. PNS
  1. a 31; carry info to and from spinal cord
  2. b serotonin, GABA, endorphins & enkephalins
  3. c involuntary, conducts impulses from CNS to smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands
  4. d nervous system outside the brain & spinal cord; responsible for communication btwn CNS & rest of body
  5. e ability to respond to stimulus

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  1. neurons, neuroglia; neuroglia outnumber neurons
  2. monitors changes/events occurring in & outside the body (stimuli); cells that respond=receptors
  3. conducts impulses from receptors to CNS; sensory nerve fibers can be somatic (from skin, muscles, joints) or visceral (from organs within ventral body cavity)
  4. sensory, interneurons, motor
  5. K+ channels open, hyper-polarizes membrane and it's more difficult for AP to occur

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  1. resting membrane potentialmore K+ inside, more Na+ outside


  2. types of neuroglia & locationdepolarization, reverse polarization, repolarization, action potential


  3. divisions of PNSsensory division-afferent division; motor division-efferent division-somatic and autonomic nervous systems


  4. neuronsdo not conduct nerve impulse; support, nourish, and protect neurons; special type of connective tissue for nervous system


  5. what's the fastest way of conduction? (2 parts)receptor, sensory neuron, center, motor neuron, effector