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  1. Integration
  2. autonomic nervous system
  3. nodes of Ranvier
  4. synapse
  5. neurons in the synaptic cleft
  1. a The parallel processing and interpretation of sensory information to determine the appropriate response
  2. b un-myelinated parts along the axon
  3. c presynaptic=1st; post-synaptic=2nd
  4. d involuntary, conducts impulses from CNS to smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands
  5. e region of communication

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  1. functional unit, signal conducting cells, transmit signals
  2. NT; synaptic cleft
  3. voluntary; from CNS to muscles
  4. surround clusters of neuronal cell bodies in PNS-unknown function
  5. conducts impulses from CNS to effectors (muscles, glands); motor nerve fibers (make up nerve)

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  1. repolarizationmembrane is impermeable to Na+ but permeable to K+ and it rushes outside the cell down the concentration gradient, which restores the resting membrane potential to -70 mV


  2. interneuronsin CNS, form connecting link between afferent & efferent


  3. two types of nervous tissuesensory, interneurons, motor


  4. what are examples of inhibitory transmission?serotonin, GABA, endorphins & enkephalins


  5. excitabilityability to respond to stimulus