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  1. how many cranial nerves in the PNS? what do they do?
  2. what are examples of inhibitory transmission?
  3. resting membrane picture
  4. conductivity
  5. what does the reflex arc consist of?
  1. a serotonin, GABA, endorphins & enkephalins
  2. b ability to transmit an impulse from one point to another
  3. c more K+ inside, more Na+ outside
  4. d 12; carry info to and from brain
  5. e receptor, sensory neuron, center, motor neuron, effector

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  1. exterior of Schwann cell surrounding an axon in PNS
  2. sensory division-afferent division; motor division-efferent division-somatic and autonomic nervous systems
  3. neurons, neuroglia; neuroglia outnumber neurons
  4. NT; synaptic cleft
  5. The parallel processing and interpretation of sensory information to determine the appropriate response

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  1. microgliado not conduct nerve impulse; support, nourish, and protect neurons; special type of connective tissue for nervous system


  2. reverse polarizationmembrane is impermeable to Na+ but permeable to K+ and it rushes outside the cell down the concentration gradient, which restores the resting membrane potential to -70 mV


  3. if transmission is _______ the NT-receptor reaction will depolarize31; carry info to and from spinal cord


  4. CHART!peripheral-somatic and autonomic-sympathetic (arousing) and parasympathetic (calming), central


  5. saltatory conductionoccurs in myelinated axons; it's faster