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  1. Satellite cells
  2. axon
  3. neurilemma
  4. ependymal cells
  5. signal sent to synaptic bulb will release ____ to diffuse across _____
  1. a surround clusters of neuronal cell bodies in PNS-unknown function
  2. b exterior of Schwann cell surrounding an axon in PNS
  3. c line ventricles of brain & central canal of spinal cord; some are ciliated which facilitate movement of cerebrospinal fluid
  4. d NT; synaptic cleft
  5. e axon plasma membrane=axolemma; surrounded by a myelin sheath, a wrapping of lipid which protects the axon and electrically isolates it, increases rate of AP

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  1. un-myelinated parts along the axon
  2. peripheral-somatic and autonomic-sympathetic (arousing) and parasympathetic (calming), central
  3. transmit impulses from CNS to effector
  4. a Na+ channel CAN'T be stimulated during the time between the opening of the Na+ channel activation gate & the opening of the inactivation gate; Na+ channel can't be involved in another AP till inactivation gate is reset="recovery"
  5. conducts impulses from CNS to effectors (muscles, glands); motor nerve fibers (make up nerve)

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  1. autonomic nervous systeminvoluntary, conducts impulses from CNS to smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands


  2. neuronsnervous system outside the brain & spinal cord; responsible for communication btwn CNS & rest of body


  3. neurons need to be able to conduct info in 2 ways:presynaptic=1st; post-synaptic=2nd


  4. somatic nervous systemvoluntary; from CNS to muscles


  5. how many spinal nerves in the PNS? what do they do?12; carry info to and from brain


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