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3 characteristics primates share

opposibe thumbs
rotating forelimbs
flexible shoulders

3 types of fossils

imprint, frozen, in resin

Lemers differences from primates

they have.....
bigger eyes,they are nocternal, good hearing, can grab stuff with their feet

Dawin says____are 2 reasons that control natural selection

more favorable traits
more offspring...more survive
variations CAN be good among a popualtion
more helpful variations.....they become more of the population

Primates in order!!!!

homo habilus
homo erectus
Neanderathal and cromaganon


members of one species in one particular area

Lamark theory of evolution

if you crop a dogs ear its puppys will have cropped ears


changes to led over time. how much is left tells how old the fossil is


the direct ancestors of humans

Homo Sapien means what?

wise human


island Darwin studied on

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