41 terms

exam 12/8/10 #1

name an anticoagulant found in the blood:
medical term for an undifferentiated blood cell
hematopoetic stem cell
name the method of separating out plasma proteins by electrical charge
what test uses venous blood clotted in a test tube?
coagulation time
condition in which there is a lack of mature red cells due to inability to absorb vitamin B12 into the body
pernicious enemia
condition in which there is a deficiency in numbers of white blood cells
what test examines a blood smear to determine the shape or form of cells?
red blood cell morphology
symptoms of disease return
relieving symptoms, but not curing the disease
medical term for liquid portion of blood
medical term for proteins in plasma; can be separated into alpha, beta, and gamma types:
medical term for plasma protein that maintains the proper amount of water in blood:
(stopping blood) blood flow is stopped naturally by clotting
abnormal or pathologic condition of the blood
disease symtoms and signs reappear
study of shape
what are some of the signs of disease?
signs, or abnormal objective findings
what do benign tumors tend to do?
tends to stay incapsilated (dont move) develop slowly, resemble tissue of origin, less aggressive
what do malignant tumors tend to do?
tends to be more aggresive, invasive in the body and faster growing, enters blood stream and leads to tumor growth in other areas
what most accurately describes the orderly steps in making a diagnosis
medical history, physical examination, diagnostic tests, and determining treatment and prognosis
pathologic conditions involve measurable changes in normal structer and function that threaten the INTERNAL STABILITY OF THE BODY
the normal protective physiologic response to tissue injury and diseases are what?
acute inflammation
smoking, drinking, nutrition, and lack of exercise are examples of what?
lifestyle predisposing factors
what is osteopathy?
alternative medicine - emphasize stumulation of the body's natural processes as a means to promote healing and well being
is tumor grade determined through microscope evaluation of the tumor or biopsy specimen?
is gene therapy now a common intervention and proven cure for many diseases?
does products lacking FDA approval mean ingredients listed outside the bottle may not be inside the bottle or on the amount listed
what is the 9 digit number required by business to serve as their taxpayer indentifying number?
employer identification number (EIN)
what are the services that typically require preauthorization or precertification?
inpatient hospitalization
what must happen befor the health insurance professional can complete and submit a health insurance claim?
proofread claim to avoid errors
how often should established patients be required to re-verify their information form?
what is an explanation of benefits often referred to as?
EOB OR RA remittance advice
a suspenion file is a series of files normally set up _____
what is adjudication?
the process of a carrier reviewing a claim and deciding on its payment
where does the problem usually lie when a claim is reduced or rejected?
providers office
what should a health insurance professional do first when a coordination of benefits situation exists?
verify which payer is primary and which is secondary
are sevices in pathology/ laboratory provided by a physician and/or by technologists under responsible supervision of a physician?
is modifier 51 repeat laboratory tests?
no (91)
are transfusion medicine codes located in the pathology and laboratory section?
a sample of tissue from a suspect area can be further divided into which of the following?
what name is given to cultures for indentification of organisms, as well as the indentification of sensitivities of the organism to antibiotics?
culture and sensitivity