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plantar flexes and everts foot

peroneus brevis

flexes and rotates leg medially to unlock knee from full extension when flexion begins


extends great toe; dorsiflexes foot

extensor hallucis longus

plantar flexes and everts foot; helps keep foot flat on ground

peroneus longus

plantar flexes foot when knee is extended; since it also crosses the knee joint, it can flex knee when foot is dorsiflexed


assists in knee flexion and plantar flexion of foot


prime mover of dorsiflexion; assists in supporting medial longitudinal arch of foot

tibialis anterior

dorsiflexes foot; prime mover of toe extension

extensor digitorum

dorsiflexes and everts foot

peroneus tertius

plantar flexes and inverts foot; flexes toes; helps foot grip ground

flexor digitorum

plantar flexes and inverts foot; flexes great toe at all joints; push off muscle during walking

flexor hallucis longus

prime mover of foot inversion; plantar flexes ankle; stabilizes medial longitudinal arch

tibialis posterior

plantar flexes ankle; important locomotor and postural muscle during walking, running, and dancing


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