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Cathedral of Notre Dame at Reims
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The damned Tympanumfar left portal of the north transept portals Cathedral of Notre dame at Reims completed by 1241The wise and foolish virgins (inner archvolt)far left portal of the north transept portal cathedral of notredame at reimsJamb figures Reims Cathedralcentral portal of the west frontispiece Cathedral of Notredame at reimsThe Annunciation1240-1250 central portal of the west frontspiece Cathedral notre dame at reimsThe visitation1230 central portal of the west frontispiece Cathedral of Notre Dame at ReimsNavethe central part of a church building, intended to accommodate most of the congregationTransceptthe arm of a cruciform church, perpendicular to the nave; the point where the nave and this cross is called the crossing; beyond the crossing lies the sanctuary, whether apse, choir, or chevetcruciform plana cross-shaped floor-plan; not typically seen until the Gothic erachoirThe section of a church, usually between the crossing and the apse, where the clergy presides and singers perform.elevationheighttriforiumIn a Gothic cathedral, the blind arcade gallery below the clerestory; occasionally, the arcades are filled with stained glasselerestoryNaveCathedral notre dam at reims 1220Transept looking south interiorof cathedral of notre dame at reimsnorthern elevations navecatherdral of notre dame at reimsbar traceryslender pieces of stone and lead added on the inside of the windowmullionsa vertical bar between the panes of glass in a window.interior west wallcathedral notre dame at reimsA priest knights a queen and kinginterior west wall Catherdal notre dame at reims 1260Sainte-Chapelle1243-1248 Paris, FranceMonth of Julypaul herman and jean limbourg 11411 1416 colors and ink on parchmentNave of sainte chapelle1239 1248 interior paris looking westnave of sainte chapelle12391248 looking eastexterior of sainte chapelleexterior of the cathedral of notre dame at reims eastprocession with and preparations for the relic of Christs crown of thorns and veneration of Christ crown of thorns stained glass 1239-1249Saint Chapelle located in the circular glass piecesLa Belle Verrierestained glass the beautiful glass 1200-1250 cathedral of notre dame at Chartres

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