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The Art of Public Speaking Tenth Edition Stephen E. Lucas

Step 1 Monroe's motivated sequence


Step 2 Monroe's motivated sequence


Step 3 Monroe's motivated sequence


Step 4 Monroe's motivated sequence


Step 5 Monroe's motivated sequence


Similarities between PS and Conversation 1

Organizing your thoughts logically

Similarities between PS and Conversation 2

Tailoring your message to your audience

Similarities between PS and Conversation 3

Telling a story for maximum impact

Similarities between PS and Conversation 4

Adapting to listener feedback

Differences between PS and Conversation 1

PS is more highly structured

Differences between PS and Conversation 2

PS requires more formal language

Differences between PS and Conversation 3

PS requires a different method of delivery

The Speech Communication Process (S1)


The Speech Communication Process (M)


The Speech Communication Process (C)


The Speech Communication Process (L)


The Speech Communication Process (F)


The Speech Communication Process (I)


The Speech Communication Process (S2)


A black cat crosses your path and then you fall and break your arm. Later, you avoid black cats.

False Cause (post hoc, ergo propter hoc)

How dare my opponents accuse me of political corruption at a time when we are working to improve the quality of life for all people in the US.

Red Herring

The head of the commerce commission has a number of interesting economic proposals, but let's not forget she comes from a very wealthy family.

Ad hominem

The government must either raise taxes or reduce services for the poor.


The governor must be correct in his approach to social policy; after all, the polls show that 60% of the people support him.


Passing laws to control the amount of violence in video games will lead to absolute government control and total censorship.

Slippery Slope

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