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Nave of Salisbury CathedralEkkehard and Utaking and queen 1245-1260 stone with polychromy in the west end of Naumburg Cathedralwindow and archivolts of central portal west frontspieceCathedral of notredame at reimsWest End of naumburg Cathedralfirst half of 13 centChoir screenat the west end of Naumburg Cathedral with the Crucifixion and scenes from Christs Passion 1245-1260 stone with polychromyThe Crucifixionon the choir screen in Naumburg Vathedral 1245-1260 stone with polychromySt. MauriceMagdeburg Cathedral, Magdeburg, Germany. c. 1240-1250. Dark sandstone with traces of polychromy