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  1. Alveolar pores interconnect what?
  2. What is the epithelium of the trachea?
  3. Bronchioles is less than what?
  4. For innervation of lungs, parasympathetic does what?
  5. What is choanae?
  1. a alveoli
  2. b 1 mm in diameter
  3. c nasal apertures
  4. d constrict airways
  5. e pseudostratified ciliated columnar

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  1. raises
    the ribs upward
  2. • Aortic bodies v
    • Carotid bodies
  3. soft palate to the epiglottis
  4. Most important respiratory center
  5. the respiratory membrane through which
    O2 and CO2 are exchanged

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  1. The superior for the larynx is?- Stratified squamous—superior portion
    - Pseudostratified ciliated columnar—
    inferior portion


  2. What is Hilum?indentation on medial surface of each lung through which bronchi, blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerves enter and exit the lung


  3. Respiratory mucosa consists of underlying layer of what?Goblet cells


  4. What houses olfactory (smell) receptors?Olfactory mucosa


  5. Terminal bronchioles is less than?0.5 mm in diameter