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  1. What does the pharyngeal tonsil (adenoids) do?
  2. What are vestibular folds?
  3. What is the surface area of alveoli?
  4. Pleurae help divide the thoracic cavity into
  5. a double layered sac surrounding each lung have two pleura, name them
  1. a ~140 square meters
  2. b - Central mediastinum
    - Two lateral pleural compartments
  3. c (false vocal cords)
    - No role in sound production
  4. d Defends against pathogens entering in air
    and on food
  5. e - Parietal pleura
    - Visceral pleura

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  1. shield-shaped, forms laryngeal prominence (Adam's apple)
  2. Superior, middle, & inferior lobes
    • Fissures—oblique and horizontal
  3. - Three on the right
    - Two on the left
  4. Number of glands in the nasal mucosa
    • Nose dries
    - Produces thickened mucus
    • Thoracic wall becomes more rigid
    • Lungs lose elasticity
    • Oxygen levels in the blood may fall
  5. Stratified squamous epithelium

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  1. What is the epithelium for nasal respiratory mucosa?pseudostratified ciliated columnar


  2. Respiratory mucosa consists of what epithelium?nasal cavity and mouth


  3. The pharynx connects what?nasal cavity and mouth


  4. The nasopharynx contains the opening to the what?pharyngotympanic tube (auditory tube)


  5. What is Epiglottis?Tips inferiorly to cover entry into trachea during swallowing