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  1. What are vocal folds?
  2. What is Base?
  3. What are the 2 types of mucous membrane for nasal cavity?
  4. How many alveoli account for
    tremendous surface area of the lungs?
  5. What reduces surface tension within alveol to keep them inflated?
  1. a inferior surface of lung which sets on the
  2. b (true vocal cords)
    - Act in sound production
  3. c surfactant
  4. d Olfactory mucosa and Nasal respiratory mucosa
  5. e ~300 million

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  1. pharyngotympanic tube (auditory tube)
  2. Tips inferiorly to cover entry into trachea during swallowing
  3. 0.5 mm in diameter
  4. Superior & inferior lobes
    • Fissure—oblique
  5. increases

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  1. Forced expirationTips inferiorly to cover entry into trachea during swallowing


  2. What is the epithelium for nasal respiratory mucosa?actual site of gas exchange in the lungs in bronchioles, alveolar ducts, and alveolar sacs


  3. What lines the nasal cavity?nostrils


  4. Tertiary (segmental) bronchi branch into what?each lung segment


  5. What is in the right lung?Superior & inferior lobes
    • Fissure—oblique