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  1. What is Apex?
  2. What is Base?
  3. Pulmonary arteries do what?
  4. chemoreceptors: Peripheral chemoreceptors have two bodies, what are they
  5. What are External nares?
  1. a inferior surface of lung which sets on the
  2. b nostrils
  3. c superior tip of lung
  4. d • Aortic bodies v
    • Carotid bodies
  5. e Deliver oxygen-poor blood to the lungs

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  1. air
  2. carries air to sites of gas exchange and filter, humidify, and warm air as it is conducted through nose, mouth, throat, trachea and bronchi
  3. surfactant
  4. - Parietal pleura
    - Visceral pleura
  5. 1 mm in diameter

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  1. The wall of each alveolus consists of what?a single layer of simple squamous epithelial cells, called Type I cells


  2. ventral respiratory group
    (VRG) is what?
    actual site of gas exchange in the lungs in bronchioles, alveolar ducts, and alveolar sacs


  3. Type II cells in Alveoli are what?cuboidal epithelial cells


  4. What houses olfactory (smell) receptors?surfactant


  5. What is the largest bronchi?Primary bronchi (left main bronchi)