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  1. What are the two types of tonsils in the oropharynx?
  2. What is Epiglottis?
  3. In the Oropharynx, what is fauces?
  4. what is pleural cavity
  5. The superior for the larynx is?
  1. a Potential space between the visceral and
    parietal pleurae
  2. b Palatine tonsils and lingual tonsils
  3. c arch-like entranceway
  4. d Tips inferiorly to cover entry into trachea during swallowing
  5. e Closed during swallowing and open during breathing

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  1. - Inspiration—inhalation
    - Expiration—exhalation
  2. surfactant
  3. each lung segment
  4. Carry oxygenated blood to the heart
  5. Deep inspiration requires
    - Scalenes
    - Sternocleidomastoid
    - Pectoralis minor
    - Erector spinae—extends the back

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  1. what is a double-layered sac surrounding each
    Primary bronchi (left main bronchi)


  2. Resonating chamber for speech?The nose


  3. in inspriation diaphragmflattens and moves inferiorly/


  4. How many alveoli account for
    tremendous surface area of the lungs?
    ~300 million


  5. Emphysema:a pacemeaker which
    generates respiratory rhythm and rate
    with input from the pons and dorsal
    respiratory group (DRG) in dorsal


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