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  1. Tubal tonsil provides what?
  2. what is Carotid bodies
  3. What is in the left lung?
  4. The nasopharynx conducts what?
  5. Central chemoreceptors location
  1. a some protection from infection
  2. b located in medulla
  3. c air
  4. d via vagus nerve
  5. e Superior & inferior lobes
    • Fissure—oblique

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  1. - Inspiration—inhalation
    - Expiration—exhalation
  2. ia glossopharyngeal nerve
  3. nasal cavity and mouth
  4. increases
  5. Closed during swallowing and open during breathing

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  1. Basal lamina of alveolar epithelium and blood capillary endothelium are fused to form what?Stratified squamous epithelium


  2. Where do the fauces extend from?soft palate to the epiglottis


  3. Type I cells are surrounded by what?delicate basal lamina


  4. What is Base?superior tip of lung


  5. Terminal bronchioles branch to form what? Which leads to what?each lung segment