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  1. What functions for:
    • Voice production
    • Provides an open airway
    • Routes air and food into the proper channels
  2. Type II cells in Alveoli are what?
  3. What is the surface area of alveoli?
  4. What is Apex?
  5. Chemoreceptors
  1. a superior tip of lung
  2. b - Sensitive to rising and falling O2 and CO2 levels
  3. c Larynx
  4. d cuboidal epithelial cells
  5. e ~140 square meters

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  1. each lung segment
  2. mediastinum
  3. (true vocal cords)
    - Act in sound production
  4. ia glossopharyngeal nerve
  5. located in medulla

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  1. What does lingual tonsils do?marks where trachea divides into two primary bronchi


  2. What are vestibular folds?(false vocal cords)
    - No role in sound production


  3. What is thyroid cartilage?extensively branching respiratory passageways


  4. Inspiration: volume of throacic cavity increase/decreaseshield-shaped, forms laryngeal prominence (Adam's apple)


  5. What is Bronchial tree?carries air to sites of gas exchange and filter, humidify, and warm air as it is conducted through nose, mouth, throat, trachea and bronchi


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