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I.T. Jobs (Internet Technology)

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app developer
backend developer
Chief Technology Officer
A person who writes and tests computer programs.
graphic artist
prepares computer graphics, titles, charts, and electronic backgrounds
a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.
IT support
assistance with computer and software products
security specialist
A computer professional who analyzes security threats, implements solutions, and develops policies and procedures to protect computer equipment and data.
customer support
helping customers with their questions and complaints
project lead
responsible for organizing technology project tasks
database administrator
the person responsible for coordinating, controlling, and managing the database
IT sales
sells technology products or services
data analyst
Person who processes data into information and knowledge.
systems administrator
A person employed to maintain and operate a computer system or network
systems analyst
A professional who specializes in analyzing and designing business systems.
information technology
web designer
Any professional who performs design functions for a Web site.
graphic designer
a career that involves designing or creating graphics for commercial or promotional needs