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The Book of Acts - Chapter 1


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Luke addressed the book of Acts to whom?
Theophilus (1:1)
According to Acts 1:2-3, to whom did Jesus appear after his suffering?
The Apostles
Jesus appears many times during the _______ days between his rising from the dead and ascending into heaven.
40 Days (1:3)
The promise of the Father was to come in ________________ .
Jerusalem (1:4)
"_____________ baptized with water," according to Acts 1:5.
When the Holy spirit came upon the Apostles, they were to receive what?
Power (1:8)
The Apostles were to be witnesses for Jesus where?
Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the remotest parts of the earth (1:8)
When Jesus was lifted up into heaven, what received him out of the Apostles' sight?
A cloud (1:9)
Who stood beside the apostles when Jesus was lifted up into heaven?
Two men in white clothing (1:10)
Acts 1:11 says that Jesus will come again in just the same way as what?
In the same way as he went into heaven
Following the ascension, the apostles returned to Jerusalem from where?
The Mount of Olivet (1:12)
In Acts 1:12, it say that the Mount of Olivet is how far from Jerusalem?
A Sabbath day's journey
Who was named as being in the upper room with the apostles in Acts 1:13-14?
Certain women, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Jesus' brothers
Those in the upper room, according to Acts 1:13-14, were continually devoting themselves to what?
When Peter spoke to those in the upper room in Acts 1:15, how many were gathered there?
Who became a guide to those who arrested Jesus?
Judas (1:16)
Peter quotes what Old Testament writer in Acts 1:16, which he says referred to Judas's death?
The field Judas bought was called "Akaldama," which means what?
Field of Blood (1:19)
"His office let another man take." Whose office?
Judas (1:16-20)
The apostles were appointed as witnesses of what event?
Jesus' resurrection (1:22)
Who were the two men who were put forward as possible new apostles in Acts 1:23?
Joseph called Barsabbas, and Matthias
To become a witness with the apostles, one had to have done what?
Accompanied the apostles while Jesus was with them (1:22-23)
The Lord showed the apostles who should become a new apostle through what means?
Drew Lots (1:24-26)
Who was selected to be a new apostle and witness in Acts 1:26?