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The Book of Acts - Chapter 2


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The events in Acts 2 took place on what Jewish feast day?
Pentecost (2:1)
What sound drew the crowd's attention in Acts 2?
A noise like a violent rushing wind (2:2)
In Acts 2, what was seen resting upon each of the apostles?
Tongues of fire (2:3)
What did the apostles first begin to do when they were filled with the Holy Spirit?
Speak with other tongues (2:4)
The events in Acts 2 took place in what city?
Jerusalem (2:5)
Speaking in tongues is speaking a ___________________.
Language (2:4, 6)
The apostles were said to be from what region of Palestine?
Galilee (2:7)
Those visitors in Jerusalem who heard the apostles were what religion?
Jewish (2:10)
Some people mocked the apostles in Acts 2 with what charge?
That they were full of sweet wine (2:13)
Who became the spokesman for the other apostles in the last half of Acts 2?
Peter (2:14)
God spoke through which prophet to say, "I will pour forth of My Spirit upon all mankind"?
Joel (2:16-17)
Peter said that the events on Pentecost were that which was prophesied to happen, and that this was the time when God poured forth what?
The Holy Spirit (2:16-17)
According to Acts 2:21, it shall be that everyone who _______________ shall be saved.
Calls on the name of the Lord
Jesus was from what town?
Nazareth (2:22)
During Jesus' lifetime, God gave proof as to who Jesus was in what way?
By miracles, wonders, and signs (2:22)
Before Jesus was put to death, he was _________________.
Nailed to a cross (2:23)
God put an end to the agony of death by doing what?
Raising Jesus from the dead (2:24)
Who said, "Thou wilt not...allow thy Holy One to undergo decay"?
David (2:25-27)
David is referred to by what two terms in Acts 2:29-30?
Patriarch (Ancestor) and Prophet
God swore to seat one of David's descendants where?
On his throne (2:30)
Speaking of the resurrection, David said that the Christ would not be abandoned to _____________.
Hades (2:31)
To what place was Jesus exalted following his being raised?
The right hand of God (2:32-33)
God made Jesus what two things according to Acts 2:36?
Lord and Christ (Messiah)
The people listening to Peter in Acts 2 were "pierced to the heart" and asked what question?
What shall we do? (2:37)
According to Acts 2:38, what two things needed to be done for the forgiveness of sins to take place?
Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ
Those who repented and were baptized would receive what gift according to Acts 2:38?
The gift of the Holy Spirit
Only what people were baptized in Acts 2?
Those who had received Peter's words (Acts 2:41)
How many were baptized in Acts 2?
about 3000 (2:41)
What four things did those who were baptized in Acts 2 continually devote themselves to?
The apostles' teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer (2:42)
In Acts 2, signs and wonders were taking place through whom?
The apostles (2:43)
What did the believers do in Acts 2 in order to share with those among them who had needs?
Sold property and possessions (2:44-45)
When someone is saved, who adds that person to the group of believers, that is to the church?
The Lord (2:47)