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The Book of Acts - Chapter 3


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In Acts 3, where were Peter and John going when they met a crippled man?
To the temple (3:1-2)
What was wrong with the man that Peter and John met in Acts 3?
He had been lame from his mother's womb (3:1-2)
The crippled man in Acts 3 sat by the temple gate doing what?
Begging for alms (3:2)
The crippled man in Acts 3 sat by which gate of the temple?
The gate called Beautiful (3:2)
What did Peter do, in the name of Jesus, for the man by the temple gate in Acts 3?
He healed his legs so that he could walk (3:6-7)
Who preached a sermon in Acts 3?
Peter (3:12)
Peter refers to Jesus by what names in Acts 3:13-15?
God's Servant, the Holy and Righteous One, and Prince of Life
What does Peter claim strengthened the crippled man?
The name of Jesus (3:16)
Who announced in advance that Christ was to suffer?
The prophets (3:18)
Acts 3:19 states, "__________ and __________, that your sins may be wiped away".
Repent and Return
When Moses spoke of Christ, he called him what?
A prophet (3:22)
Who does Peter name first in the line of Old Testament prophets?
Samuel (3:24)
How many of the Old Testament prophets spoke of the days surrounding the time of Jesus?
All (3:24)
Peter says that the promise, "in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed" was made by God to whom?
Abraham (3:25)