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The Book of Acts - Chapter 4


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By the time of the events in Acts 4, how many men were believers in Jesus?
5000 (4:4)
According to Acts 4:4, many of those who had _______ ____ ______________ believed.
Heard the message
What position did Annas hold?
High priest (4:6)
Who among the disciples spoke to the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem in Acts 4?
Peter (4:8)
What did the Jewish leaders question Peter and John about in Acts 4?
The healing of the crippled man (4:7)
"The stone which was rejected by you, the builders," is an Old Testament prophecy that refers to whom as the stone?
Jesus (4:10-11)
The rejected stone ends up becoming what, according to the prophecy?
The very corner stone (4:11)
Finish this quote: "for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men..."
By which we must be saved (4:12)
Who in chapter 4 were described as being uneducated and untrained men?
Peter and John (4:13)
Peter and John could not stop speaking of what?
That which they saw and heard (4:20)
How old was the man who was healed in Acts 3?
More than 40 years old (4:22)
David is said to have what relationship to the Jews in Acts 4?
Their father (4:25)
David is said to have what relationship to God in Acts 4?
His servant (4:25)
What four are named as those who opposed Christ while He was here on earth, according to Acts 4:27?
Herod, Pontius Pilate, the Gentiles, and the people of Israel
Whose purposes were carried out when Jesus was killed?
God's (4:28)
The bond-servants of the Lord prayed for what in Acts 4?
Confidence and Boldness (4:29, 31)
Who, with great power, was giving witness to the resurrection of Jesus in Acts 4:33?
The apostles
What does "Barnabas" mean?
Son of Encouragement (4:36)