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The Book of Acts - Chapter 5


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Who was Ananias' wife?
Sapphira (5:1)
What sin did Ananias commit?
Lying (5:3)
What punishment did Ananias suffer for his sin?
Death (5:5)
In Acts 5:17, what was the feeling of the high priest when he heard of Peter healing people?
How did the apostles escape from prison in Acts 5?
An angel opened the prison gates (5:19)
After the apostles were released from prison in Acts 5, where did they go?
To the temple (5:21)
Fill in the blanks: "We must obey __________ rather than __________."
God; men (5:29)
Jesus was put to death by what method?
By hanging on a cross (5:30)
In Acts 5:32, Peter said that the Holy Spirit is given to those who do what?
Obey Jesus
What work did Gamaliel do?
Teacher of the Law (5:34)
When the apostles suffered being beaten for Jesus' name in Acts 5, what did they do?
They rejoiced (5:41)
What two placed are listed in Acts 5:42 as places where the apostles taught and preached about Jesus?
In the temple and from house to house