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The Book of Acts - Chapter 7


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Who preaches a sermon in Acts 7?
Stephen (7:2ff)
Where did Abraham live at first?
Mesopotamia, or land of the Chaldeans (7:2, 4)
Name the second place where Abraham lived.
Haran (7:2)
What relative of Abraham died in Haran?
Abraham's father (7:4)
God told Abraham that his offspring would be slaves for how many years?
400 years (7:6)
The first covenant given to Abraham by God was that of what?
Circumcision (7:8)
On what day after a male child was born was he to be circumcised, according to Jewish law?
The eighth day (7:8)
Jacob's twelve sons are called what?
Patriarchs (7:8)
Who was sold by his brothers in Egypt?
Joseph (7:9)
The king of Egypt is called what?
Pharaoh (7:10)
During a time of famine, where did Jacob send for food?
Egypt (7:12)
How many relatives of Joseph came to live with him in Egypt?
75 (7:14)
Jacob was buried in whose tomb?
Abraham's (7:15-16)
Who raised Moses as a child?
Pharaoh's daughter (7:20-21)
Where was Moses born?
Egypt (7:18-20)
How old was Moses before he fled from Egypt?
40 (7:23ff)
Moses fled from Egypt and lived in the land of __________.
Midian (7:29)
How many sons did Moses have?
Two (7:29)
How long did Moses live away from Egypt before returning to lead the children of Israel?
40 years (7:30)
In what form did an angel appear to Moses?
In a flame of a burning bush (7:30)
Moses was in what wilderness when an angel appeared to him?
Wilderness of Mt. Sinai (7:30)
After leading the children of Israel out of Egypt, how long were they in the wilderness?
40 years (7:36)
Moses said that God would raise up what like himself one day?
A prophet (7:37)
Who is said to have spoken with Moses on Mt. Sinai?
An angel (7:38)
The children of Israel made an idol shaped like what?
A calf (7:41)
Who led the children of Israel into the promised land?
Joshua (7:45)
Who built a "house" or temple for God?
Solomon (7:47)
What is God's throne?
Heaven (7:49)
What is God's footstool?
Earth (7:49)
Who did Stephen see as he looked into heaven?
Jesus, at God's right hand (7:55)
How was Stephen killed?
Stoning (7:59-60)
Those killing Stephen laid their robes at whose feet?
Saul (7:58)