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The Book of Acts - Chapter 8


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When a great persecution arose against the church in Jerusalem, where were the Christians scattered?
To Judea and Samaria (8:1)
When the church in Jerusalem was scattered, who in particular was said to have remained behind?
The apostles (8:1)
What man was a great persecutor of the church in Acts 8?
Saul (8:3)
Who is first seen in Acts preaching in Samaria?
Philip (8:5)
Name a magician in Samaria who became a Christian?
Simon (8:9)
Who is said to have been baptized in Samaria?
Both men and women (8:12)
What two apostles came from Jerusalem to Samaria while Philip was there?
Peter and John (8:14)
When did the Samaritans receive the powers from the Holy Spirit?
When the apostles laid their hands on them (8:17-19)
After Simon was a Christian, he was told that he could be forgiven of sins when he did what?
Repented and Prayed (8:22)
For what reason did the Ethiopian eunuch go to Jerusalem?
To worship (8:27)
What form of transportation did the Ethiopian eunuch use?
A chariot (8:28)
What book of scripture was the Ethiopian eunuch reading?
Isaiah (8:28)
Who preached to the Ethiopian eunuch?
Philip (8:29ff)
When the Ethiopian eunuch heard about Jesus, what did he want to do right away?
Be baptized (8:35-36)