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The Book of Acts - Chapter 9


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Saul got letters from the high priest to bring Christians back from where?
Damascus (9:2)
What did Saul see on the road to Damascus?
A light from heaven (9:3)
What happened to Saul on the road to Damascus as a result of the light that he saw?
He was blinded (9:8)
Upon entering Damascus, Saul did not eat or drink for how many days?
Three (9:9)
Who came to Saul in Damascus to restore his sight?
Ananias (9:10)
Saul was from what city?
Tarsus (9:11)
In Damascus, on what street was Judas' house located?
Straight (9:11)
Who was staying at Judas' house in Damascus?
Saul (9:11)
Who plotted against Saul in Damascus after he became a Christian?
The Jews (9:23)
How did Saul escape from Damascus?
Over the wall in a basket (9:25)
What Christian first helped Saul in Jerusalem?
Barnabas (9:26-27)
Aeneas, a bedridden man, was healed by __________.
Peter (9:34)
Aeneas was bedridden for how many years?
Eight (9:33)
Another name for Tabitha is __________.
Dorcas (9:36)
Tabitha lived in what city?
Joppa (9:36)
Who raised Tabitha from the dead?
Peter (9:40)
Peter stayed in whose house in Joppa?
Simon the tanner (9:43)