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The Book of Acts - Chapter 10


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Where did Cornelius live?
In Caesarea (10:1)
What was in Cornelius' vision?
An angel of God (10:3)
Another name for Peter was __________.
Simon (10:5)
Where was Peter staying when Cornelius sent for him?
Joppa (10:5)
Where was Simon the tanner's house located in Joppa?
By the sea (10:6)
What was Peter doing on the housetop in Acts 10?
Praying (10:9)
What happened to Peter while on the housetop in Acts 10?
He saw a vision (10:17)
While Peter was on the housetop in Acts 10, who came to the door of the house?
The men from Cornelius (10:19)
What did Cornelius do when Peter arrived at his house?
He tried to worship Peter (10:25-26)
What was in the great sheet that Peter saw in his vision in Acts 10?
All kinds of four footed animals, crawling creatures, and birds (10:12)
Complete the following: "God is not one to show __________."
Partiality (10:34)
In Acts 10:35, Peter said God welcomes those who __________ Him and who __________.
Fear him, do what is right (10:35)
On which day following his death was Jesus raised from the dead?
Third (10:40)
Peter said that Jesus only appeared to selected persons after His resurrection. These are called __________.
Witnesses (10:41)
According to Acts 10:42, who will judge the living and the dead?
According to Acts 10:47, what is necessary in order for someone to be baptized?