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The Book of Acts - Chapter 11


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Cornelius was told that Peter would come to him and speak words to him with what result?
That he would be saved (11:14)
Where did the church in Jerusalem send Barnabas in Acts 11?
Antioch (11:22)
Who did Barnabas get to help him teach in Antioch?
Saul (11:25-26)
Where was the first place that the name of "Christian" was used?
Antioch (11:28)
Who was Agabus?
A prophet (11:27)
What was prophesied to take place during the reign of Claudius?
A famine (11:28)
Why did the Christians in Antioch send money to Jerusalem?
To help the Christians there during the famine (11:29-29)
Who carried the money from Antioch to Jerusalem?
Barnabas and Saul (11:30)