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The Book of Acts - Chapter 12


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How did King Herod have James put to death?
With a sword (12:2)
What relation were James and John?
Brothers (12:2)
How did Peter get out of prison in Acts 12?
An angel released him (12:7)
When Peter was in prison, what did the church do to help him?
Prayed (12:5)
After Peter was released from prison in Acts 12, where did he go?
To the house of Mary, mother of John Mark (12:12)
Name the slave girl who answered the door at John Mark's house when peter knocked?
Rhoda (12:13)
The people at John Mark's house did not believe Peter was out of prison and thought who was at the door?
Peter's angel (12:15)
About whom did the people cry out, "The voice of a god and not of a man"?
King Herod (12:21-22)
How did King Herod die?
An angel struck him and he was eaten by worms (12:23)