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The Book of Acts - Chapter 16


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Where did Timothy live?
Lystra (16:1)
Of what nationality was Timothy's father?
Greek (16:1)
Of what nationality was Timothy's mother?
Jewish (16:1)
Were either of Timothy's parents believers in Christ?
Yes, his mother (16:1)
On what missionary journey did Timothy join Paul?
Paul's 2nd journey (16:3)
In Troas, Paul saw a vision of whom?
A man of Macedonia (16:8-9)
What was said to Paul in the vision that he had in Troas?
"Come over to Macedonia and help us" (16:10ff)
Philippi was in what Roman district?
Macedonia (16:12)
Where in Philippi were women assembling to pray?
By the river side (16:13)
Who was among the women praying in Philippi?
Lydia (16:14)
What was Lydia's job?
A seller of purple fabrics (16:14)
What did Lydia do after she heard God's message from Paul?
She was baptized (16:15)
What two things did the people of Philippi do to Paul and Silas?
Beat them and threw them into prison (16:23)
In the prison in Philippi, what were Paul and Silas doing at midnight?
Praying and singing (16:25)
What shook the prison in Philippi where Paul was?
A great earthquake (16:26)
What was the first thing that Paul told the Philippian jailor was needed in order for him to be saved?
Believe in the Lord Jesus (16:31)
After the Philippian jailor heard Paul speak the word of the Lord to him, what did he do immediately?
He was baptized (16:33)