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The Book of Acts - Chapter 18


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Aquila lived in what city when he met Paul?
Corinth (18:1-2)
What country had Aquila originally come from?
Italy (18:1-2)
Who was Aquila's wife?
Priscilla (18:2)
What caused Aquila to move from Rome?
Command of Claudius (18:2)
What was Aquila's trade?
Tentmaker (18:3)
What did Paul have in common with Aquila when they first met?
Both were tent makers (18:3)
Who was Crispus?
Leader of the synagogue in Corinth (18:8)
Many Corinthians, after having heard Paul, did what and what?
Believed and were Baptized (18:8)
How long did Paul settle in Corinth?
One year and six months (18:11)
Who was Gallio?
Proconsul of Achaia (18:12)
Paul left Priscilla and Aquila in what city in Acts 18?
Ephesus (18:18-19)
In Acts 18, Apollos preached in what city?
Ephesus (18:24)
Who taught Apollos about God more accurately?
Priscilla and Aquila (18:26)