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The Book of Acts - Chapter 19


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Paul baptized some people a second time because their first baptism was "into John's baptism". In what city was this?
Ephesus (19:1-5)
How many people were baptized a second time by Paul in Acts 19?
Twelve (19:7)
In Ephesus, besides in the synagogue, where did Paul teach?
The school of Tyrannus (19:9)
What did the people do with their books of magic in Acts 19?
They burned them (19:19)
Who was Demetrius?
A silversmith (19:24)
What did Demetrius make?
Silver shrines of Artemis (19:24)
Who finally quieted the mob gathering in Ephesus?
The town clerk (19:35)
Where did the people of Ephesus believe the statue or image of their goddess Artemis came from?
Fell from heaven (19:35)