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The Book of Acts - Chapter 27


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Who was the centurion of the soldiers who took Paul to Rome by ship?
Julius (27:1)
Paul and the soldiers changed ships where?
Myra (27:5-6)
What harbor was said to not be suitable for spending the winter?
Fair Havens (27:8-12)
Because of the violence of the storm, what was done with the ship's cargo?
It was jettisoned, or thrown overboard (27:18)
On board the ship, what did Paul say that the angel of God had told him?
There shall be no loss of life among you, but only of the ship (27:22-23)
During the storm in Acts 27, who tried to escape from the ship?
The sailors (27:30)
While on the ship during the storm, how many days did they go without eating?
Fourteen (27:33)
How many people were on the ship that was wrecked in chapter 27?
276 (27:37)
When the ship ran aground during the storm in Acts 27, what did the soldiers plan to do to see the prisoners from escaping?
Kill them (27:42)
How many people died during the shipwreck during the storm in Acts 27?
None (27:44)